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2006.01.07, 07:53 AM
And moving to Columbus. I'm looking to pick up a Mini-Z. Everyone is still racing at Tom Thumb's right? What would be the best first car to get? the mr-02 style? A Monster truck? What about the AWD?

I would just be racing stock for some time.


Tom Thumb Hobby
2006.01.07, 08:56 AM
The preferred car is the MR-02 MM by a wide margin. This would include the McClaren, Enzo, Ford GT etc. We have all but the Enzo in stock. There are 2 classes we race you may be interested in. Production class allows ONLY a tire change while Stock class also allows ball bearings and a ball diff. The Modified and Prototype classes are there when you are ready. :) New racers are always welcome. I can guarantee you will have a good time.

2006.01.09, 09:18 PM
You should definitely come out for a race. We are always looking for new blood, and you'll have a great time. Get yourself a 02 with a MM, like Mike said, you'll be happy and competitive once you learn to drive it. You can't go wrong with the Maclaren or Enzo. Don't know about the Ford GT yet as we only have a couple racing so far and it's too early to tell. Tom Thumbs has all the parts you'll need from tires on up. Hope to see you there.