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2006.01.08, 03:58 PM
My newb question of the day.

Can the MR-01 board work on a MZM, basically i know the pot and motor will work with it etc. but can the board handle turning those big wheels etc?

2006.01.08, 05:29 PM
MR01 uses the same FETs for the steering. Almost all of the new boards are the same except for crystal port direction or location (F1 has it off to the side, OL and MZM is reversed compared to 01 and 02). To use an 01 or 02 board on the MZM you would have to desolder the crystal port and turn it upside down so it sticks out the top rather than the bottom.

2006.01.08, 05:45 PM
Thanks for the reply emu!