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2006.01.08, 04:54 PM
Okay, now that we have upto 5 wide Ls and some 45* corners as well as some longturn inside corners and a bump and jump kit, I'm really looking forward to the 1st race of 06 ;) :cool: . I know we still have like 4 more races in the series, but this will be HUGE! :eek: :D

So are we racing this week-end or what? :D I've got a new to me MR02 chassis that is all stock and an MA-010 chassis that are beggin to be raced. I've also got a new Esso Supra and a Takata NSX body that i want to try out and see how they do. I've also been itchin to see how my new Modena paint job looks on the track.

2006.01.09, 09:19 AM
you guys have about the same # of tracks and addtions as me. the 45į turns are nice and the wide inside corners rock. you will love them. Pretty soon you will need to move to a gym to set all that up, sounds like you have more track than your clubhouse will fit. (huge track = :D )

2006.01.09, 12:02 PM
Ya John at RCP hooked me up with a few extras over what i originally ordered from him. He even met me personally :cool: since he was out here visiting Family to give me the track pieces. He is a very nice guy to go out of his way for me like that. I've got nothing but good things to say about RCP :cool: , i think it's the best hop up you can get next to a set of good tyres and bearings ;) . I was hoping he would be able to hang out long enough to race with us, but he was on his way back home and was already late getting on the road :( , but maybe the next time he's out visiting his family it could be arranged for him to run a few laps with us ;) :cool: .

Hey Dustyweasel, the 15th should be no problem to get the clubhouse. I'll let Dink know and he can call the other guys and see if they'll be able to make it. It should prove to be interesting since it's been awhile since we've all raced together :p . Digitalmafia said we have another interested racer from our clubsite, that would bring the field to 7 again, hopefully on a regular basis. ;) :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.13, 04:03 AM
So whatís the word for Sunday? The pressure is finally off for awhile at work so my Sunday should be clear. And we may even get rain, yeah! (Itís been almost 3 months without rain). But hey, theyíre Mini-Zís so weíll be indoors. Take that, 1:10th!

If everyone can make it we can run the January rounds for OLPS, plus new times for HFAY Track #1. I only need to get 1.5sec faster to move up a spot in the standings.

If not we can continue the AZGT with the usual points stake holders. Next up in the series is Le Mans of Spain at El Magnifico Carrusel (weíll substitute sections with Saiyanís exotic new RCP parts).

After that one race remains: The one hour Le Mans and 100 lap Sprint rounds to be held at Der Ring des Feuers (The Ring of Fire, Germany). Itís a modified version of that long track we ran in my driveway back in August.

2006.01.13, 12:25 PM
Ya we'll be able to use 2 of the long radius turns in it and maybe switch out the chican with the 45*?

Dink called up Todd and it's his daughter's b-day party on Sunday so he won't be able to make it, and next Sunday is his usuall turn with the kids. So it's lookin like it'll just be the 3 of us this week-end, unless we could get digitalmafia to take a lunch :rolleyes: and come down and throw some laps down.

:cool: So if it's a go i'll call the property management company and reserve/pay for the clubhouse this Sunday. I have some parts on order for my AWD from din ball(rc mart) and they theoretically could be here by Saturday at the earliest, but probably won't show till Monday or Tuesday :rolleyes: .

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.14, 09:16 PM
Whatís the word for Sunday? Start track setup at the usual 11am?

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.19, 08:28 PM
Are we running the AZGT this weekend? We should schedule this by Friday so everyone has time to plan.

DM, are you still available Saturdayís? Since Todd canít make it Sunday, we could run the AZGT on Saturday.

We must run the OLPS on Sunday 29th! At the clubhouse or my driveway, thatís our last opportunity for the January race.

Things are getting tight at work again (had a whole relaxing week of only normal stress), so Iím hoping to be available for both weekends. My parts arrived today, so now I have to find time to install them before the weekend.

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.20, 12:52 PM
Oops, I think I was thinking of last week's schedule limits.

So if I recall correctly this time- Todd and DM are available Sunday. Correct? If so then we should run on Sunday the 22nd. If everyone is available then weíll do the OLPS and resume the normal every-other-week schedule (thus skipping the 29th, so no AZGT this month).

2006.01.24, 04:41 PM
Here are a few pics of the track i set up in my dinning room last Sunday when we opted to wait to run next week-end with a full field. Check out some of the tight corners i made in order to make my small track interesting.

2006.01.24, 07:16 PM
So-are we racing this Sunday (1/29/06)? I got my weekends back :)

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.24, 07:57 PM
Yes, Sun 29th is our last chance to run the OLPS and get in the January points (my work schedule continues to be vicious).

Since itís just the 2 ĎLí setup, itíll be fine if the clubhouse management canít get their act together (amazing how hard it can be to give people money :rolleyes: ). We can use my garage if necessary. Itís in much better shape now and the weather is great.

Weíll resume the AZGT in February. See Mini-AZ.com ĎRaceí page for the schedule.

How'd the code launch go DM?

2006.01.24, 10:31 PM
Great to hear that we are gonna make it in for January :)
Dusty: code launch was good if not typical-supposed to push midnight sunday-instead worked 23 hours then home for 4 hours of sleep then another 13+ for a push Monday night (still went live on the same date, but almost 23 hours later -lol) But its good to be done !


2006.01.26, 01:20 PM
I'll check with the management company to see if they're ready to rent the clubhouse, but i'm not gonna hold my breath :rolleyes: . I'll get back with ya later tonight about it.

2006.01.28, 12:05 AM
Okay, since i just traded in the mini van for a truck i can't afford to rent the clubhouse this week-end :o , but next week-end for the AZGT should be no problem. If we can use your garage dustyweasel that would be cool and you and digitalmafia should be able to get there fairly quick ;) :D . If we can do it early enough in the day so that i can leave by around 3:00pm i won't have to bring my daughter otherwise i can bring some stuff to keep her entertained in the bed of my truck. So i figuer if we show up around noon or earlier or so and help set up the track we could practice for a while before running the race to dial in our cars and familiarize ourselves with the layout. I'll bring over the new track sections i got for everyone to inspect and drool over. I love RCP!! :p . We could possibly do some HFAY times too on the same layout. I'll bring a table to wrench on my Zs or maybe just my tailgate.

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.28, 04:34 PM
January OLPS, Sunday at Dustyís house.

11:00-12:00 Track setup and open testing
12:00-12:30 Tech and Round 1 Qualifying
12:30-1:00 Clockwise OLPS
1:00-1:30 Lunch and open testing
1:30-2:00 Round 2 Qualifying
2:00-2:30 Counterclockwise OLPS
2:30-*:** HFAY Track #1 Time Trials

This schedule has some play in it, so if we move things along quickly we get the rounds done sooner leaving more time for everyone to make HFAY runs.

Qualifying will be a solo five lap run and grid by total time. We normally do it by best single lap, so consistency matters this time.

We will run separate heats if we have more than six drivers.

2006.01.29, 02:34 AM
sweet-cant wait

2006.01.29, 11:37 PM
Okay, today was just for the OLPS and HFAY #1 times, but it was fun. I still came in the usual 3rd for the first race, but came in :eek: FIRST!! :eek: for the 2nd race in reverse. It was sweet!!!! I hope i can continue to perform like this in our AZGT events in 2 weeks. I need the points to try for 2nd. My MR02 that i got from byebye after adding a motor and bearings with some minimal tweeking was spot on for my driving style. I was in the groove most of the time and it really showed gaining like a miniute on my HFAY time and ofcourser the 1st place finish in the 2nd race. I'm feeling pretty good about myself tonight. ;) :cool: :D

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.30, 12:46 AM
Yep, that Supra was on rails today. I think that was about the best day Iíve ever seen you have.

Tires flew, cars sliced, diced, and collided. It was a blast today. It was great having DM back at the track. Looking forward to the others re-joining us soon. The OLPS results have been sent to Brian and your HFAY times checked in for Time Trials.

After you all left I got down to serious wrenching on my McLaren. After a flurry of tires, spring, and T-Plates, I finally hit on a combination that settled the car out. New 20deg slicks and hard front springs was all it needed.

Itís not as fast as it was by a good ten seconds, but itís stable and drivable again. Even turn exits better than it used to. I just donít know where the speed went. It canít be the weather since itís no colder than it was before the new parts. The 1deg Toe-in maybe? Iíll have to continue the search next week.

I finally got the Murcielago tuned so itís drivable, and even runs about the same times as the McLaren. So at least itís finally tuned. A bit of rear-end wheel chatter when carrying speed into turns, but manageable.

Itís been 10 hours and I still have to clear out the garage and stow the gear. Itís gonna be a late night, but it sure is fun.

2006.01.30, 05:02 PM
Yes it was awsome to have digitalmafia back on the field with us. I expect even more compitition from him at the next GTG.

Will we see the Murcialago on the track in a race soon since you've got it tuned? With the McClaren, have you cleaned out the bearings rescently? I would check those out for smoothness, i've had bearings get filthy on my 1/10 chassis and cause a loss in speed. I've even smoked a bearing befor cause it had alot of debris in it, i've since switched to teflon sealed bearings as they're better at keeping the debris out and last alot longer with minamal maintenance.

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.02, 03:03 AM
Ok, more of the ever changing plans.

Since Toddís schedule is up in the air with his 1:10 efforts, and weíll all likely be swinging out to the far edge of the valley for the 1:10 event, letís just start skipping every other week starting last week. When someone (re)joins us, weíll adjust the schedule as necessary.

So, the new schedule as follows:

Sun, Feb 12th: February OLPS Championship
Sun, Feb 26th: AZGT Rounds 9 and 10
Sun, March 12th: March OLPS Championship
Sun, March 26th: AZGT Rounds 11 and 12 (series finale)

Iíve switched the event order as well. Since the OLPS is time sensitive, Iíd rather run that earlier in the month. That way should schedule difficulties befall us as in January, weíll have more time to deal with it and get the race in.

Besides that, the clubhouse management may not have their act together by then, and since itís still cool out we can conveniently run in my garage again for free.

We will need the clubhouse for the larger AZGT track, so if they havenít figured out how to rent the place by the end of February weíll just have to storm the castle.

The Murcielago was just meant as a spare/backup car. Maybe Iíll run it in non-points races. It handles much better now, save for some wheel chatter turning in from high speed straights. Itís such a smooth, streamlined body it just glides off the rails when it does hit the wall.

The McLaren bearings have a little RCP dust in them but they turn freely. I recently put in a GPM alloy motor mount and Kyosho ball diff, I wonder if that added too much weight.

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.09, 10:16 PM
Thursday already?! Since weíll be running the February OLPS this Sunday, it would be a waste to pay for that whole clubhouse when Track #2 fits nicely in my garage. So letís save $50 and just run at my house again while the weather is still nice. Becky bought more cookies too.

The schedule from last month worked out well so letís run with that, with the exception we start on time. Thatíll leave a bit more leeway for Saiyan at 3:00. I may set the track up Saturday night so there wonít be a delay on Sunday.

February OLPS, Sunday the 12th at Dustyís house.

11:00-12:00 Track setup and Open Testing
12:00-12:30 Tech and Round 1 Qualifying
12:30-1:00 Clockwise OLPS
1:00-1:30 Lunch and Open Testing
1:30-2:00 Round 2 Qualifying
2:00-2:30 Counterclockwise OLPS
2:30-*:** HFAY Track #2 Time Trials

Itís warmed up significantly since a couple weeks ago, so hopefully weíll put down some better times. Set your sights on those DOW guys, and let's put Mini-AZ on the podium!

2006.02.10, 09:50 AM
we to have been fighting running on a cold track. it does make a big difference. Can't wait for summer. :D

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.22, 02:45 AM
Itís finally time to resume the AZGT. Sunday, February 26th is Rounds 9 and 10.

Next up in the series is the Le Mans de EspaŮa at El Magnifico Carrusel (weíll substitute sections with Saiyanís exotic new RCP parts. See post #4 for track layout).

If we are still unable to give someone money for the clubhouse then we can meet at my house again. In that case weíll modify El Magnifico Carrusel to fit in the carport and down the driveway (elevation changes!). One way or another we need to get this show on the road.

11:00-12:00...Track setup and Open Testing
12:00-12:30...Le Mans Practice
12:30-12:45...Qualifying, Le Mans
12:45-1:30....30min Le Mans
1:30-2:00......Lunch and Sprint Practice
2:00-2:15......Qualifying, Sprint
2:15-3:00......50 lap Sprint

Afterward we can get some F1 racing in! Start dialing those cars in so we can get an F1 season started.

AZGT Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.......68
Digital Mafia........11

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.24, 07:49 PM
Whatís the word on the clubhouse? Sunday is cominí up fast.

2006.02.24, 11:57 PM
I'm in the middle of talking to both the HOA and :confused: the new and old property management companies. The old 1 sais i still owe for December though i have bank statements that prove otherwise and the lady here handling the Clubhouse has to 'talk to someone' to see if they'll let me rent anyway cause i'm current with the new Prop. Co. The lady here, who came in and brought more trash bags that one day of racing, has yet to call me back from the last time i talked to her and unfortunately i don't have her # or address :( . I wish my bill collectors were this intersted in getting money from me :rolleyes: . If i don't find out by tomarrow i'll let you know and i'll plan to bring my tracks to your house on sunday. I can't wait to have this all sorted out so that we can use the clubhouse again. I mentioned the frequency in wich we rented it in the past and plan to rent in the future so we'll see i guess.

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.25, 11:18 PM
Ok, the hour grows late, so Iím going to assume we are meeting at my house.

Itís a tricky fit, but attached is the revised Le Mans de EspaŮa track for tomorrow. El Largo Carrusel is a little longer than the old Magnifico Carrusel. It snuggly fits the width of the garage and runs half way down the driveway. It also uses much of Saiyanís new RCP elements. I think we may see 8T or even 9T pinions on this one.

I suggest bringing something to stand on as visibility up the slope of the carport might be an issue.

We may have a more permanent home for our club soon. I talked to the community center at 35th Ave and Pinnacle Peak about using a room there.

A room the size of our clubhouse runs $50/hour! But, they said the small scale R/C racing sounds like a great public activity and they would consider adopting it so we wouldnít have to pay for the rooms. I have to write up some information about how the club would run and gage local interest. Iíll get some details from you guys tomorrow.

See Ďya all at 11:00.

2006.02.26, 10:49 AM
you can email ed with dow as he has done alot of community outreach stuff for his club.

2006.02.26, 11:14 AM
btw, have you submitted your azgt theme to core? he had offered to inlcude custom themes in future releases.... once i get the bugs worked out here in dc i woudl like to submit the dc theme.

Dusty Weasle
2006.02.28, 02:34 AM
Thanks Arch, Iíll drop Ed a line. I havenít actually submitted the Classic Car theme to Core, but theyíre welcome to download it. Definitely send them the DC theme too.

AZGT Week 5
This week was a tricky one. Curse you foul weather, and the horse you rode in on! Now most of you are thinking rain or snow, but no, not here. Here the cursed weather is sun. Harsh, scorching, pounding, relentless, remorseless, sun.

Unable to secure an indoor location, we again used my garage. The OLPS tracks fit fine in my garage but our local AZGT Championship uses four Wide Lís. So the track began inside the 80deg shade of the garage, then dropped down the slope of the driveway and into the sun baked Turn 1.

And so it went from there. My Silver McLaren was dialed in after the previous weekend, but that all went out the window this week. I ran about my worst race of the season. Every time I crossed the slope of the driveway the back end would float away.

Dink on the other had was able to make the best of it, driving his Taisan Porsche deeper into the turns than anyone else and grabbing victory in both the Le Mans and Sprint rounds. Seems like just about any bump jams his front wheels in the body though.

Saiyanís new Esso Supra was still quick. He made some solid charges through the field, often gaining a lot of ground.

And Digital Mafia, finally able to rejoin us, has been getting better with his Red Enzo. In both rounds he set best times within 0.01sec of Saiyanís.

We were pressed for time this week, so we skipped Qualifying and gridded by points in the first race. Then used that finish order to grid for the second.

I maintain the points lead with only one week remaining, but Dink need only win one race to take the lead away. Next month we run the final AZGT rounds, the 1 Hour Le Mans and 100 Lap Sprint.

Weíve gotten a little soft with these 8min OLPS mains. There was much grumbling about cramped hands before Core even called out ď3min RemainingĒ in our 30min Le Mans. Week 6 is gonna be brutal. :D

Results for Week 5 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 9
Dusty Weasle.....1.......2
Digital Mafia...... 4.......4

Sprint, Round 10
Dusty Weasle.....2........2
Digital Mafia...... 4........4

Total Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.......80
Digital Mafia........17

We also finally got to run an F1 race. Those things are fantastic and I canít wait to start a season with them. But it was also clear we have a lot of testing and tuning to do.

2006.02.28, 03:03 AM
Good to see Saiyan in 3rd with my old Supra. I still believe the Supras are the best first RM car. I'm runnin a 350z motul right now and love it! The Supra though was my first RM car and the handling is excellent.


2006.02.28, 12:21 PM
Ya i still really like the Supra body on the MR02. It handled great, but seemed a little slow on the longer track against the other cars that were also running 6tooth pinions. We ran the 6 instead of 7 or 8 because of the 'hill' in the layout. So i'm thinkin the motor i stuck in it wich was used by it's previous owner an unknown amount, is on it's way out the door. I had baught the new Takata NSX to try out, but i think it'll just stay in it's display box awhile longer ;) . Though upon cursory inspection from outside of the box it looks like the NSX can have a light kit installed, wich would be a bonus when we run in the clubhouse cause of the dim 'party' lighting in there. Maybe i'll give it a try durring an HFAY to see if it'll handle as well as the Supra.

I also have the Gulf McClaren to possibly try out, but it would mean switching out the motor pods and i do have an alloy MM pod i could use to do this. I have ran my RM set ups 99.9% of the time and the couple of laps that i ran an MM seemed to turn slower, but was slightly more stable in the straight. I'm not in any hurry though to put any scratches or rub marks on the Gulf. I must say that i had been looking for the Gulf for awhile, but Ruf has been hooking me up with some descent bodies and he got me the Gulf McClaren as well as the Taison R32 for my AWD chassis.

Dusty Weasle
2006.04.20, 01:28 AM
It has come down to the final week.
3 points separate the leaders.
2 more races to run.
1 race can decide a champion.
Go time.

The AZGT Championship
Week 6: 1 Hour Le Mans and 100 Lap Sprint
The Le Mans von Deutschland at Der Ring des Feuers

Sunday April 23 at the Clubhouse.
11:00-12:00: Track assembly and open testing
12:00-12:30: Le Mans Practice
12:30- 1:00: Le Mans Qualifying
1:00 - 2:00: The 1 Hour Le Mans
2:00 - 2:30: Sprint Practice
2:30 - 3:00: Sprint Qualifying
3:00 - 3:30: The 100 Lap Sprint

Trophies are being engraved. Batteries are charging. Iíll see yaí all Sunday. :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2006.04.22, 02:23 AM
Hereís the updated version of Sundayís Le Mans of Germany track. This takes advantage of Saiyanís Wide Corner and 45deg kits.

Saiyan, Iíll e-mail you the printer friendly map view.

(Disclaimer: Translation courtesy of BabelFish, so if a corner name translates to something like ďPurple Monkey DishwasherĒ or "Banana Phone", thatís probably not what I had in mind). :D

Dusty Weasle
2006.07.11, 03:52 AM
Ok, there have been a lot of delays on this local series and a great many location hiccups, but thatís behind us now. The hall is rented, the date set, and a Champion will be named.

It has come down to the final week.
3 points separate the leaders.
2 races left to run.
1 race can decide a champion.
Go time.

The AZGT Championship
Week 6: 1 Hour Le Mans and 100 Lap Sprint
The Le Mans von Deutschland at Der Ring des Feuers

Saturday July 22nd at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge
12851 N 19th Ave (Just North of 19th Ave and Cactus)

10:00-11:00: Track assembly and open testing
11:00-11:30: Le Mans Practice/Qualifying
11:30-12:30: One Hour Le Mans
12:30-1:00: Sprint Practice/Qualifying
1:00-1:30: 100 Lap Sprint
1:30-1:45: Championship Trophy Ceremony
1:45-3:00: Free Run, Teardown, and Cleanup

We only have the hall from 10am-3pm so Iíve had to significantly tighten up the schedule for this long format race. Please be ready to run early and if possible help with setup and teardown.

Trophies are engraved. Batteries are charging. Iíll see yaí all Saturday.

Dusty Weasle
2006.07.23, 04:05 AM
*** AZGT Championship 2006 Season Final Results ***

Holy smokes what a close finish! Going into the final race of the season, 1st and 2nd were separated by only 3 points. We also had several new drivers enter the mix for a bigger field and bigger fun.

The 1 Hour Le Mans and 100 Lap Sprint went off great. No computer hangs or CORE issues. Just the strain of a Death-Grip on the radio and the pumping of adrenaline for an hour.

Hood ran away with the 1 Hour Le Mans despite loosing a wheel! 2nd repeatedly nipped at the lead and 3rd stayed in a close fight for 2nd much of the time. There were mechanical failures, bodies popped off, and frantic pit stops to change fading batteries. Some had to be on a two stop strategy, most made it with one change.

My car wasnít handling very well but it was enough to hold Dink off by one spot. So going into the final Sprint round the leaders were now separated by four points. It could still go either way.

The Sprint round started and my car spun out every time I turned the wheel. It also threw a front tire three times as I watched laps slip away. Still, it was a fun chase as everyone ran extra hard to get to lap 100 first (and before we had to be out of the Hall at 3pm).

(Note to the drivers- I miscounted the points, it was closer than we thought)

In the end it was a tie for 1st Place! Both Dink and I had 86 points! Break the tie by the ďmost winsĒ rule- Dusty Weasle total wins: 5, Dink total wins: 5!!! So it goes to highest finish position in the final race.
And the AZGT Championship title goes to

1st Place got a trophy
2nd Place got a medal
3rd Place got a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (3rd Place never tasted so good)

That was a lot of fun and with a larger field and some skilled drivers, the 2007 Season promises to be even more fun. Thanks to all the drivers that participated and helped make this series a success.

Results for Week 6 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 11
Hood................ 1.......1 (10)
Saiyan...............6.......2 (6)
Dusty Weasle.....2.......3 (4)
Dink...................3.......4 (3)
Joe................... 4.......5 (2)
DJ..................... 5.......6 (1)

Sprint, Round 12
Hood................. 2.......1 (10)
Dink...................3.......2 (6)
Saiyan...............1.......3 (4)
Joe................... 5.......4 (3)
Dusty Weasle......4.......5 (2)
DJ..................... 6.......6 (1)

Final Points Standing
2nd....Dusty Weasle........86
5th.....Digital Mafia..........17

2006.07.23, 12:21 PM
Ya in typical consistant fashion i finished the season in 3rd, but it's still a podium position, a 'sweet' ;) one at that :p ! Definately some great racin going on at the final events :cool: . I definately think it'll be more challenging for every one in the next series with a full field of cars. Though i hated having to be rushed cause of the next group renting the hall, i still had to be out by 3 anyway so that i could take my daughter to her 'superman bowling league' and practice starts at 3:15. I was gonna talk to the Ex and see if she would be willing to let us use the clubhouse in her townhome community again. All she would have to do is make a phone call and secure it and i would pay for it, then we could have the space again and no time constraints and be basically smoke free as well. We could also set the thermostat where we want it.

2006.07.24, 08:19 PM
:cool: Here are some pics of the cars lined up in pit row and of the track. Some pics are crappy and i will be getting a better digital camera soon. :rolleyes:

Here's the cars.....

2006.07.24, 08:20 PM
And here's the pics of the track........