View Full Version : rolling track idea

2002.03.18, 06:53 PM
what do you think of a rolling track idea? i was thinking of making a wooden frame out of 2x4's and plywood and putting little wheels on it. i would use it to move it in and out of my garage. i don't know if it would really work but it sounded good to me.

2002.03.18, 07:05 PM
make it so it folds in half, like a ping pong table etc, and have THAT roll around.. ;).

Ken Mifune
2002.03.19, 11:02 AM
Buy ping pong tables from Salvation Army. You'll probably need 3 or 4. A level floor will be the difference between a fast set up or a labored set up.

2002.03.19, 02:00 PM
my garage door is about 10 feet wide and my garage is about 22 feet deep. i was thinking about making the track about 20x8 so it will fit through the door without disasembling the track. there is an asphault area in front of the garage so i can roll the track out when it is not raining.

2002.03.19, 02:01 PM
here is a picture of the garage door taken from inside my house.

2002.03.19, 02:02 PM
oops forgot the picture