View Full Version : Pegasus Hobbies Motors?

2006.01.11, 12:00 PM
Anyone know if these Mubuchi 130 motors are the same as the STOCK Mini-z motors? We are going to run a stock class and need some stock motors.

They are sold in a 4 pack for about $9. T ower has them.


2006.01.11, 12:56 PM
They seem to be very similar... you will need to install the caps on the can though.
(these help quiet the electronic "noise" from the motor to prevent signal interference.) This might be a good alternative for the HFAY series drivers, instead of having to seek stock motors from old RTRs.

Good find !

2006.01.11, 03:10 PM
Those cheap motors like that, it wouldn't hurt to open one up and see if the brushes are up to what a Mini Z can put out. If I remember right most standard 130 motors are rated for 3 volts. Mini Z stock motors the brushes have a little harder face to handle the higher current. A brush swap isn't a big deal, but still better safe than sorry. I had a few Tamiya motors and those brushes seem to wear away in no time at all, and that is running them off two batteries only.