View Full Version : Any old show tracks laying around?

2006.01.11, 07:04 PM
I know this is a fairly bold question but I know that in the past you, John, have had built tracks for shows and then had no where to put them and wanted to give them away or something of the like. I was wondering if you had anything around now that you would be looking to get rid of or sell. I know the shipping costs would be high but I have plans of opening a hobby store with my better half and one of your custom built tracks would be amazing to have at the store.


2006.01.11, 08:41 PM
I find it quite funny that you posted this, as I was thinking hte same thing the other day.

2006.01.11, 10:44 PM
well... rock paper siscors? lol

2006.01.11, 10:58 PM
lol. You get firtd dibs if there even us anything. You had the bawls to make the post.

2006.02.09, 10:41 PM
Sorry to doubble post but I am still curious. I am looking to buy a Mini96 real shortly, but if RCP has any second-hand or overstock tracks I would like to look into them.


2006.02.11, 02:37 PM
Im third on this list if there are any overstocked tracks or what ever.lol

2006.02.11, 02:56 PM
Don't take this the wrong way, I am not looking for a free track. I was hoping that you guys would just be backed up with extras and looking to sell at a discounted price. If not, that's ok. I know you guys do alot of shows, I just do not know wheather or not you supply new tiles for each event.

2006.02.11, 03:22 PM
Do you guys think I could get an RCP track for around $100. I should of never bought that second Z. lol