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2006.01.12, 12:07 AM
ok so i just recieved my pro-z chassis. i know it only works with RM motor mounts (from what i have been reading) will a MR02 board work in that bad boy? any info would be nice =) i searched, but came up with nothing i was gonna try to put it together with the MR02 parts i have laying around if it doesnt work ill end up just stripping a MR01 i have around.

thanks in advance!

El Tigre
2006.01.12, 08:04 AM
Do you plan on using the MR-01 servo? If so, then yes. If not, you must use an aftermarket servo, the best for the job is Hitec hs-50. You will need to construct some steering linkages and a servo saver (dont worry, its easy). You can get a servo lead extender from a LHS and solder that to the MR-02 board and plug the Hs-50 into that. Your positive and negative battery leads can be removed and you can solder a male battery connector to those leads on the MR-02 board (be sure they are marked or labled so you dont wire them wrong). As far as the linkages go, I would suggest using aluminum front knuckles and thread 2mm (I think) small HPI ball studs to the ends. One side will have a ball stud on both sides of the knuckle and one on the underside of the opposite one. You will need to construct a tie rod and drag link from threaded rod, or a turnbuckle that is small enough, like a Mini-T one. Look at the Pro-Z site and he has a vast gallery of pics for reference. Scott came up with a great servo saver idea using servo horns and O rings. It works great. I might have some old pics, or maybe I can take a few of my chassis to show you. Building isnt hard, but the steering links take a little thought cause its a little DIY.

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.12, 11:04 AM
yes you can use a MR02 board, you need MR-01 steering knuckles you need a RM pod and diff mr-01 or 02 work fine. bearings soldered battery pack and solder new wires to the pcb

i just got in a freash batch of steering links in, i need to send you one glen. i'll be sendimg them to MZR shortly.

heres a pic

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.12, 11:07 AM
you can use the MR-02 board with a hobby grade servo.

you remove the cicut board from the servo and use the 4 wires from the pcb green orange go to the pot red black go to the servo motor.

2006.01.12, 07:20 PM
=) thanks again for the replies guys! pro-z you know what i need/want hehe. other than that what else would i need to use other electronics? ESC and Rx? sorry for n00b Q's hehe.

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.12, 08:12 PM
Novak Spy or Robitronic Micro Speedcontrols
Novak XXL or GWS micro receiver (GWS 75 MHz FM only)

HS-55 servo or equivelent. servo with 18 oz torque @ 4.8volts

4 cell AAA 4.8 volt SPY, XXL photo (cases removed) HS-55 servo


2 cell AA Li- Ion 7.4 volt robitronic, GWS, Eflite servo


2006.01.12, 08:38 PM
sweet thanks dude! hehe you got mail :)

2006.01.13, 09:47 AM
MR02 RM pod will work im guessing, correct?

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.13, 12:04 PM
Yes Mr-02 RM pod and diff work fine.

2006.01.13, 12:23 PM
cool beans.

2006.01.14, 03:33 PM
i just got my ahop.tinyrc.com pro-z special red cf edition :p looks great so far. it would have been nice had it come with instructions but i undertand you have them on your site so as long as your site doesn't go belly up we'll be good :) maybe the shop should have copies to have available for download form the shop listing?

anyway, i look forward to getting this all setup. i atleast have another lexan body to paint :cool:

2006.01.14, 05:15 PM
Hehe, nice! yea pictures are great =) love pro-z's site's gallery is great! i have a V5 that i used his pics in order to get mine together correctly.

yea i gotta find me a MR02 RM mount now LoL DARN

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.14, 11:27 PM
i am working on video directions

what parts are giving you the most trouble

2006.01.14, 11:34 PM
right now, everything :p it's all stting in a pile right now

2006.01.14, 11:41 PM
btw, are any of these bodies compatible with the chassis?

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.15, 12:06 AM
only the 1/24 917 fits and make sure it's lexan the acrylic ones will shatter.

He's working on some new ones for me i'm sending him a 2wd and a 4wd to mount bodies on . The rest of the 1/24 are too wide.

OK you are doing the stock electronics i will make the step by step vids for that first.

you will need to cut the center square out for the stock servo start there. Dremel with a fiber cutting wheel is best not the clay wheels they break and take out a eye.

Any questions Instant message me on AIM sjakes20 or post here

2006.01.15, 12:11 PM
ok, cut the block out.... what are the best wheels offsets to use?

how do you make these rear wheels? clearly none of the stock mini-z wheels is going to look right with this body given that width.

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.15, 01:19 PM
The good thing about lexan is it can move.

You can crease the rear right at the fin and use a stock set of rims. I like the enzo rims. But i have used vette and Z-speeds.

the dual tires i think is the best way to go, If your going to run a Hot mod like SO3 you can't get more traction.

for the dual rears you need a rim with the least offset preferably a wide rim. and it's an aluminum sleeve that slides over and super glued on. Not very high tech but it works well. You could try the Tagu rims but they are really wide. The sleeve extends out to 15mm wide

here's a pic of the sleeve


2006.01.15, 02:27 PM
i would prefer to use the modified wide rear wheels rather than bunching up the body. can you give me any more information in the aluminum sleeve used?

2006.01.15, 03:08 PM
i would prefer to use the modified wide rear wheels rather than bunching up the body. can you give me any more information in the aluminum sleeve used? i think gulfclk had a write up on something very similar somewhere...i'm gonna look.

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.15, 03:33 PM
i will fire up the lathe and make a few dozen for the shop. there cheap but you need to take your time putting them on making sure they are straight, plastic rims are not very straight to begin with.

2006.01.16, 06:58 PM
any updaes? what peice do i use to mount the pcb? how do i secure the servo box?

2006.01.16, 07:20 PM
hehe im glad the thread has taken off like this, good to have all the info on one thread (well mostly all the info)

Pro-Z Racing
2006.01.16, 07:40 PM
the carbon fiber deck is only used for aftermarket electronics.

You want the slim fiberglass one for the PCB

Servos bolted down like normal.

This page a has a car done with li-ion cells only diffrence is you bolt the PCB on top of the fiberglass deck for AAA cells


2006.01.16, 08:42 PM
i would prefer to use the modified wide rear wheels rather than bunching up the body. can you give me any more information in the aluminum sleeve used?

I used the sleeves on one of my Pro-Z's and they worked out well,but I then went to the Revolver wheels with the F1 tires which filled out the wheel wells nicely.