View Full Version : will an xspeed handle 7.2volts

2006.01.12, 07:06 AM
i want to put this motor on a helicopter but i need to push 7.2v to it.

2006.01.12, 08:01 AM
I am sure it can handle that. It is just with a heli it would be running constantly, that would be my concern. You want it relyable, because if it locks up midair it would drop like a rock. I have used a dremel to clean the comms with, I know you don't want to run it at a high speed as it would throw off the windings.

Heli's are a whole other thing from a car, does the heli have a clutch that allows the main rotor to spin free of the motor? If it has you may be able to autorotate it down when the motor fails. With a car if you lock the motor on a run, it usually spins and slides. You also have a 50/50 chance of it hitting something hard to damage it. Usually you just pull the motor and stick another in and go again.

2006.01.16, 04:27 PM
That's true with a heli most small electric heli's don't auto rotate so if moter goes there is going to be some fixing involved. Also why not go with a higher rpm moter so the heli has more power to take off and fly around the sky. Thanks Josh