View Full Version : my miniz flash movie

2002.03.18, 08:21 PM
hey, here's my poor atempt to create a flash movie on my mini-z.... here's the link:

I know it's crappy and cheap... blah blah blah...... but hey, here's what i can do in 5 mins.....

and no... this isn't my first time using flash... it's my 2nd year..... i just didn't have time to perfect this movie.... haha

2002.03.18, 08:27 PM
i should smack you.:p j/k. thats cool

Ken Mifune
2002.03.18, 09:10 PM
Now I don't have to go to the next Chgo. AutoShow on acid.

(The S2000 looks spooky cool without lenses.)

2002.03.19, 12:21 AM
thast nice for about the first 5 minutes but then after about 15 minutes of staring at it I got dizzy and fell out of my chair!:) :eek: :eek:

but the Hinda 200 does look strange w/o the head lights

2002.03.19, 02:34 AM
Like the idea !!

8 pics isn't really enough...
The pics are pretty big.

If you put in a preloader and more, smaller pics I would be great.

I tried something similar where I got my webcam, it's a lot harder to get it just right than you'd think at first.

2002.03.19, 06:44 AM
yea.... but i need time... hehe.... i'm gonna work more on it during the weekend....

2002.03.19, 02:17 PM
Nice CD player! lol:p

2002.03.19, 02:20 PM
hehe... that thing the mini-z is resting on is not a cd player... hehe... it's just a spindle with cds stacked on it... haha... but my cd player is in the left side of the picture.... but it's hard to make out....