View Full Version : 200.000 rpm motor???

2006.01.16, 04:25 AM
hi, i have see in this site the reviews of this motors with top rpm


is possible this rpm in this motors

see this:


209.000rpm 210.000rpm??????

is possible???

the price only 5$ on www.carmoworld.com

2006.01.16, 04:23 PM
how about the 500,000 rpm moter is that possible if so I want one for my mini-z so I can own every one out there . LOL JK It 's probley a fake who knows buy one and see if it's true Thanks Josh

2006.01.16, 08:26 PM
Those are made for mini-4wds. They do not have neough torque for a Z, even with neo mags. Mini-4wds have a direct connection from batts to motor, so it is all BS as far as running in a Z.

2006.01.16, 08:42 PM
Exactly what I was thinking here. Even if you had a speed control that can run it, it would still take forever to run up. On top of that those brushes don't last very long.

2006.05.21, 03:40 PM
I have heard of a few people use these 1,000,000,000+ rpm motors and catching there PCB's on fire. I think it is just a bunch of crap. The fastest motor that i have ever built was a 17t slotted, it went 69k at 4.8v at around 4.5 amps. It got very hot very quickly.

2006.05.21, 03:53 PM
Interesting......but 500krpm???Damn!!!!!