View Full Version : PN Race 2006?

2006.01.17, 11:27 AM
Is PN going to have the same regionals/World's finals this year?

2006.01.17, 02:29 PM
I hope so! You can count on Reflex to host a round! :D

2006.01.17, 02:32 PM
Salt Lake Mini-z is also planning on hosting a regional race. I haven't heard if anything is set though. I hope everything gets finalized some time soon.

2006.01.17, 05:32 PM
Our club is willing and ready to host a regional in western Canada.

2006.01.17, 06:07 PM
We have contacted Phillip about hosting a regional in PA as well.

2006.01.18, 05:20 PM
Maybe we should ask Al if he wants to hold another round this year....that's assuming he figures out Core by then. ;)

2006.03.02, 08:52 AM
I can't wait for this years event. I was so sad i missed last years.

2006.03.02, 12:24 PM
wcrotty...dont worry we missed ya.......though it was nice not to deal with your skill!...I still have some payback coming to you...lol
see you this next go around...

also, im guessing Philip is receiving lots of e-mail about this subject....I havenít heard anything either...but im going to wait it out he has my e-...so no need to push...
Last I heard from Philip was he wanted to co-organize with Kyosho....

2006.03.02, 11:03 PM
i just received news that philip is planing on hosting another event like last year...
im sure he will post when ready...

i hope there was just a big typo in his e-mail to me...he said four classes, mr-02 stock & mod, & awd stock & mod......no F1?.....(the pain)( tears running down my face)

2006.03.02, 11:10 PM
i take back the no F1 part... :D philip has big plans...and should post soon!!!!
no more crying....sniffle, sniffle...im ok...just a scare, really im ok....

2006.03.03, 05:08 AM
sounds interesting. keep us updated :)

just wish the sesries came closer to dc :(

2006.03.03, 09:55 AM
make it happen!

2006.03.14, 03:38 AM
YES YES more info...the MOTOR FX racers cant wait!!!

2006.03.21, 05:13 PM
Check out the thread for the International Mini Scale Champs... You want a big race, with the fastest mini drivers around, THEY WILL BE HERE in HTOWN! :)

2006.04.07, 11:58 AM
No F1. PNWC is just scared of me... :p

Actually I convinced PN to eliminate the F1 class so NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE ME!!! hahahahahahahahhaa! No really, I was looking forward to having a VERY tough time in the F1 class. Oh well...

2006.04.07, 12:12 PM
No F1 this year!!!! WTH, we need to start a petition to get it back in right now!

2006.04.07, 01:29 PM
That's terrible !... no F1 ? It's easily the toughest class at these events !
Man... all this tuning up the past few months for nothing !?!? :(

2006.04.07, 01:55 PM
From what I understand from Philip is that there can be a F1 class at the regional as an option. (We will have one in SLC) but most importantly they do plan to have a F1 class at the championship race in CT. :D

2006.04.07, 01:58 PM
No F1. PNWC is just scared of me... :p
yo joe, i look forward to the re-match!

2006.04.07, 04:06 PM
That's terrible !... no F1 ? It's easily the toughest class at these events !
Man... all this tuning up the past few months for nothing !?!? :(I'm not going to lie. I had fun in the F1 class at the PNWC. It was easily the most fun class of the weekend and probably the most competitive. That being said, it was NOT the toughest class. Maybe at the regional level since the fewer number of F1 enthusiasts are all pretty serious about it and their cars are pretty well set up. You have all kinds in the MR02 classes, but at the national level, the wheat gets separated from the chaff. The top three drivers in the MR02 classes were simply a cut above.

It's still my favorite class, and I look forward to defending my title! :) Keep practicing and tuning. I certainly will be!

2006.04.07, 04:21 PM
Well, ok... the driving is less rough, but the tuning and skill levels have to be just right to win anything in F1... guess that's what I meant by tough. :rolleyes:

jason barnes
2006.04.11, 12:50 PM
has any body found out any dates yet ...........jb

2006.04.11, 01:16 PM
has any body found out any dates yet ...........jb

The Salt Lake PN Regional will be held on August 5th.

jason barnes
2006.04.11, 01:24 PM
where can i find the info for the rest of the races. is there one closer to me .........jb

2006.04.11, 01:36 PM
I'm sure there will be, things are still in the planning stages and as things develope and the Clubs/Track Owners Sign up and set their date they will be added to the PN Racing website along with all the needed info.

jason barnes
2006.04.11, 01:47 PM
thanks brian , cant wait for this one . missed it the first time around ..i need to represent the Florida boys ..ha ha !!!!...........jb

2006.04.30, 07:30 PM
Ok, That's what i heard from Bennet (Phillip's friend).
- Date is June 11th 2006 (it's Sunday and they hope to pack it in one day)
- Action R/C will host the event
- New track layout will be made on Friday
- On Saturday the track with racing layout will be open for practice.
- Classes are: 1) Stock MR-02
2) Modified MR02
3) F1
4) AWD
- Motors - handouts and stock class winner's PCB is subject to check for FET modification. I'll post more as soon as I learn.

2006.05.01, 02:32 AM
Keep practicing and tuning. I certainly will be!
That's what I did wrong--no practice nor any tuning. Well, I still had fun.