View Full Version : How much is my iwaver worth?

2006.01.18, 05:27 AM
It is completely upgraded, but I never got around to replacing the board. It fried when I installed the x speed pro and turned it on. I absoutly never drove it. It needs a new board, I'm looking at how much I can sell it for.





2006.01.18, 09:16 AM
all those alloy parts and much... maybe $45 without the board... I know it isn't used but MR-01s don't sell high anymore, and alloy parts are pretty cheap...

2006.01.18, 06:26 PM
Get a board in there and you may be able to sell it for $150+. There's gotta be someone somewhere who would buy it. It isn't really an iwaver anymore, is it :D

2006.01.18, 10:50 PM
Yeah... buy a used MR-01 board or get an Iwaver board (won't be as expensive but you won't get as much) ... if you get a MR-01 board then you'll get quite a bit, but they can be expensive.

I have an iwaver board myself. I'd probably pay around $45 like I said before ... I think the $150 idea is a joke... not giong to get that for a used MR-01 let alone with an iwaver board or none at all. Used is used... that's what people see... my 2 cents.

2006.01.18, 11:02 PM
I agree with twenty-se7en. You might push it to about $75 shipped if it is RTR. Not on the board here though, your best bet would be ebay for it if you wish to get more for it. Here we are all too pickey...LOL

2006.01.19, 07:32 PM
if you want to sell for my suggested price just email me at twenty_se7en(at)hotmail.com