View Full Version : New Iwaver Stuff

2006.01.19, 11:38 PM
Everyone's favorite iwaver store (t-east, where else?) has new iwaver parts, most significantly EL wire (not a bad price, nice selection of colors). Also something completely useless (iwaver brand super glue?) and some more nice alloy parts for the mini-z awd. Hope this spreads to tower sometime soon.

2006.01.21, 12:25 PM
Sorry to say but this is really old new EnTg... you should do a search before you post "new news" because 99% of the time, unless you catch TE in the middle of a web upload, someone has beaten you to the punch... clever bastards, lol

2006.01.21, 05:22 PM
Whoops, well, if it's old, go ahead and delete it, mods...
However I don't recall reading anything about the Iwaver branded EL wire here yet, and it's not in my search. But I'm probably just missing something.

2006.01.22, 12:08 PM
Maybe because I've seen it there for weeks I've assumed that they were talking about it... I can't find a thread on it either... my bad