View Full Version : Where to find replacement screws for GPM parts

2006.01.21, 08:13 PM
Well, some of the screws on the backend of my alloy monster found a way to wiggle themselves right on and out. Bottome line there lost lol.

I looked at the gpm screw set but it did not seem like it had the right thread in the package to fit.

Any help would be appreciated.

2006.01.21, 10:29 PM
For alloy parts you would need machine screws, 2mm I think.

2006.01.22, 10:52 AM
Any suggestions on where i can find these?

2006.01.22, 04:46 PM
I did a quick search at Tower and they have the Duratrax brand screws, it is sad that they no longer carry Kyosho hardware. I think the Kyosho is better quality stuff. Remember you want the machine screws, the S/T screws are the ones like the stock parts use. I just typed [2mm screws] in there search box.

2006.01.24, 10:46 AM
These should fit, although they wont be very clean looking because of the large head http://www.rckenon.com/public_html/shop2/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=67_79&products_id=209

Here are a few others that should work by Atomic