View Full Version : AWD video at Hong Kong CT

2006.01.23, 07:29 AM

171Mb, right click and save as.

High resolution :)

2006.01.23, 07:31 AM
by one of our racers :D

2006.01.23, 09:09 PM
chris is that you?

nice of you to drop by... how is everything in r/c heaven? :D

2006.01.23, 10:04 PM
cool video by the way... :D
what's the set up?

2006.01.24, 01:37 PM
i dont' know if this is too much to ask but do you have a smaller resolution version. I tried downloading it and would only get about 8K a sec which is painfully slow for a file this size.

2006.01.24, 02:25 PM
What's with the putty on the crystal? Any details on that? I resoldered my crystal slot to fit an NSX chassis and 350Z chassis, but that's ugly.

I thought about soldering the crystal right to the board, but I don't think that's a good idea!

2006.01.24, 04:37 PM
My guess on the putty is just to keep track debris out of the electronics. ;) I'm anal enough to do that in order to keep what i can clean :D . I've gone so far as to make a custome polycarbonate shell with foam and fans to keep the dirt out of my E-maxx, yet keep it cool.

I like the car haulers parked on the track. Is that a broke down mini-z out there on the track hiding behind the barrier?