View Full Version : Cantilever shocks on the SSMT

2006.01.25, 11:31 PM
Hey guys, I recently got the SSMT so I could do some crawling with it. I have it all stock, except for the locked rear diff. And I was thinking, instead of the LSSM mod, I could make the SSMT have a cantilever shock setup. Now I have two options.
1. do a cantilever setup like the one on the revo, with an adjust turnbuckle attached to the lever, like on the revo. In this case, I would buy kyosho mini-z monster oil shocks, and use these, for maximum dampening, and crawling. I would mount the shocks vertically on the chassis, and use the top hole for the shock mount as the mounting place for the lever.
2. Buy the rock climbing kit. I would have 8 total shocks. And I would basically copy the mini madness design. For those of you not familiar, it is like the revo setup. Except for 2 differences. That instead of laying down, the shocks are mount on the sides of the chassis, and they use a shock instead of the turnbuckle. this is cheaper.

So what do you guys think of this idea?

2006.01.26, 12:25 AM
I think you should try the LSSM and save yourself a lot of work unless you just want to do it for the halibut. :p At least try the LSSM first you really don't need any more articulation than it will give you.


2006.01.26, 01:01 AM
I'm doing it mainly for the oil shocks, and the fact that it's my idea, and I successed in making it. It's a "project" for me to do. And with the LSSM mod, I can't use the Kysho oil shocks, which I will use for the cantilever thing

2006.02.05, 07:01 AM
i support any out of the box thinking, unfortunately most of the time, it turns out costing way too much, or not working properly... but go for it, also post picts, of your progress, im kind of curious as to your design, i think i get the idea....