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2006.02.01, 03:31 PM
Silly question I,m sure and as I write this I think I,m getting it but, The magnets I,m familiar with used for computors are pretty small and the Core directions say to wrap around it 8 times. That ain,t working with the little ones. Where you suppose to get a ring big enough for this? Will any magnet work?

2006.02.01, 04:11 PM
Got an answer from Core indicating they were,nt needed

2006.02.02, 12:15 PM
I bought a couple that clip around the cord. I put one on the power cord and one on the USB cord. I don't know if they help but I haven't had any problem with missed laps at all. I don't know if it's the reason why, but others seem to have more problems with their systems missing laps. I'll leave mine there just because it works and I don't see a need to change the setup.

Gasman, did you get the software upgrade working correctly yet? I haven't installed it yet, due to some of the glitches that everyone was having.

2006.02.02, 12:52 PM
ferrite ring can be very important,

It is an easy trick to avoid Common Mode currents to get into your circuit. Because power Cords and Signal cords work as an antenna (it's toghetter with the ground surface a perfect loop antenna) as well, there will be unwanted current inducted into your device: Those signals come from external electric circuits (like of course our Tx, but also our motor, etc...) and will disturb the normal working of the device.

The ferrite ring is a simple measurement to avoid this problem, it just absorbs these currents and dissapate them as heat. It is more effective if you wind them several times aroudn the ferrite ring, but 8x is really a lot!

Hope this explenation helps a bit... :)

It can help for other things too apparently: http://www.healingtherapies.info/Hopkins.htm