View Full Version : Reflex Racing customer service sucks!

2006.02.02, 12:15 PM
Well it's true. Kinda. First of all, let me apologize to anyone who's had a "slow" or "botched" order. Those of you out there know who I'm talking about. I'm trying my best to make it right and insure that I'm squared up on all accounts. I haven't received any REAL complaints, but I still feel pretty lousy about screwing stuff up. Thanks again for your patience.

Thanks to all of you for your support in this past year. That being said, there will be some changes at Reflex in the coming months. When I started this thing up, I never intended to become a full-blown retail shop. I wanted to focus on tuning, tech support and race support - i.e. the stuff that's fun for me. This role is what allows us to work closely with our friends at MZR and Kenon as partners instead of competitors. I like to think that our specialized products and services compliment each other well. After the PNWC, we were swamped with orders and requests. Again, I can't thank you guys enough for that, but in my desire to please everyone, I lost sight of our role and mission. Inventory ramped up with demand, and I spent more time and gas running around to the post office than I could really afford. I simply don't have the resources NOR the desire to operate a competitive retail shop. MZR and Kenon already do a great job at that. Keep in mind that like a lot of you guys, I do this for fun. I have a regular job that feeds me and my habits that I will not compromise my commitment to. I make the appropriate sacrifices in my personal life in order to maintain this fun enterprise and help you guys have fun too! I always promised that if it stopped being fun, then it would stop being. Ordering, stocking, backordering, tying up personal funds in large overseas orders, skipping lunch to wait in line at the post office, etc is NOT FUN.

Now don't worry, Reflex isn't going anywhere. Some of you have voiced concerns about us dropping out of Mini-Z. Sure we have tons of other hobbies, but Mini-Z is one that I plan on keeping around. I had a blast racing again for the first time in months last weekend. Most of my cars resemble scavenged Camaros on cinderblocks due to keeping other guys up and running, but I managed to throw together a car out of parts while at the track. I putted around and pretty much sucked the whole race, but it was still fun! I'll be building up a VDS-bodied pro-class car to race this weekend for sure. We will host a PNWC round, and we look forward to defending our titles. Our shop will remain open, but a less stocked than some would like. We will focus on blueprinting customer cars and building WC replicas. We will make less money that we have in the recent past (can we make any less? :p), but the money we make isn't enough to justify the compromises that come along with it. One thing I really miss is writing tech articles and blogging about last weeks race etc. We've really sacrificed the information/content portion of the Reflex website in the past few months in favor of e-commerce section, and that HAS to change.

Anyways, I hope that you guys will stick with us through these changes. You guys are what Reflex is all about. We race with you guys, against you guys, and for you guys. We want to be fast, and help you be fast as well. Thanks again for all your support, and we hope to see all of you at the track sometime soon!

2006.02.02, 12:39 PM
Ruf, sad to hear about how much it has gotten more difficult, im pretty sure some of us here know's how that feels ;) i too manage a shop for a hobby i like, but not so much to the e-commerce parts, i just handle sales here. But do understand how you must sacrafice some of your time to get other's satisfied and happy. I feel your pain brother!

I would like to thank you for your helpa and support, even though i have talked to you a total of 6 times or so, still can grasp how helpful you are in your busy life outside of mini-z's (lol like the matrix hehe) i will defintely keep in touch and prehaps have to buy something stupid from ya ;) hehe.


2006.02.02, 12:50 PM
I respect the fact that you are reorganizing to match your original goals. I really like the setup info on the site and there can never be too many race reports.

It seems like you have found a niche that you enjoy and provides a service to the community. Keep up the good work, and keep it fun.

2006.02.02, 01:20 PM
Your wisdom is sometimes impressive, ;) and sometimes?? It,ll be good to have Joe back. That other guy kinda bites. :eek:

2006.02.02, 02:02 PM
i can vouch for missing your blogging :p i used to check your site and latecy's everyday in hopes of reading something new.

yoru setup and performance information has proved invaluable :D keep up the awsome work.

2006.02.02, 03:55 PM
Ruf- your blogs and tech articles are what brought me to your site in the first place. MZR provides a great retail and community environment...IMO, Reflex Racing fills different, but equally important cog in the wheel- advanced tuning and tech. Glad to hear you're going back to focusing on that :D

2006.02.02, 06:36 PM
Ruf, do what you got to do. Sounds good to me. Ill be in touch and check your site for your helpfull insight. And buy of course. ;)

2006.02.02, 11:06 PM
I am happy that you are now going to be racing more ;) That is what the hobby is all about. As for the shop at Reflex, you should only stock the 'special' items that are difficult to get elsewhere. Alot of the parts are fairly easy to come by at other sources, but some of the reflex tweaked stuff is an asset to the community. You know alot about these cars and RC in general, which I think is more important than selling the same parts as other etailers.

I love reading the race reports and tech/setup info, which is what brought me to reflex in the first place. And I hope to read more about your wins ;)

I hope to get to race you one day...