View Full Version : lithiums+fets+ x-speed=....

2006.02.05, 10:52 AM
FAST!!! i can't even keep the tires on it, its an easy 30mph w/a 10 tooth. i need to find my 11tooth. i wish i could fit a 12.
It kills my friends xmod.

So far this is a mm bmw gtr. Oil shock, alloy rear wheels, lithiums 1x2 of 7317's and an xspeed, no other mods.

if im crusing at half throttle and i floor it, it will spin the tires off!

I need to order a speed checker, i have a zip-zap lap timer thing but it won't even register it, its that fast, the highest i think it goes is 12mph and that was starting on the first beam, and no traction.

Im going to oreder some fets from here to do a better 4x2 stack then get a hotter motor.


2006.02.06, 11:59 AM
I had the exact setup as you back in the summer....I used foams for tires and they never lasted more than two days..when I used regular tires they flew off even when I glued them...I had a great time with my lithium Enzo, but I gotta tell you, be careful you might burn up that x-speed motor after awhile have you ever smelled it after running for about five minutes?