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2006.02.05, 01:03 PM
2 weeks ago I bought myself an Acme NB16 16th scale Nitro buggy
Awesome little critter, the manufacturers have copied the Kyohso Mini Inferno's suspension design, so the Half8 parts do fit it.
I did a full review on this on YourMicro.com and this can be viewed by clicking this link (http://www.yourmicro.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=17873)
I think every Nitro owner who is a fan of small-scale should have one of these in their collection!

2006.02.06, 12:44 AM
I have the US counterpart--The IRC Vulcan.

2006.02.07, 07:39 AM
I have the US counterpart--The IRC Vulcan.

I've seen that and the standard unit is over $100 more expensive than the flEaBay sellers.
The hopped up version sets you back over $150 more than it would cost to DIY from a 'Bay seller too.
The Toki engine is also used in XRay's new Nitro offerings..

2006.02.08, 12:59 AM
It's also my understanding that a couple of eBay sellers can no longer sell ACME products for selling that low. A Euro seller I also recently checked out was also selling the ACME version for around $30 lower than some of the US sellers. Of course, the ACME version is an ARTR, not a RTR. Does ACME have an SE version?

2006.02.20, 08:10 PM
I'm pretty interested in the XRAY NT18MT (truck, not car) (until videos come out which will really make my decision) and I'm really wondering about maintenance, durability and all that other jazz. Basically, is it like owning one of the bigger scales, is it worth it to get one (if you can't tell, this would be my first nitro vehicle), are there any hassles or pains? Also could you give a very brief description of a day of driving and wrenching on you buggies is like? Everyone says different, some say they just run it till theres no more fuel, then throw it in the garage, others say they clean it, others say they do a tear down everytime others say....I can trust you guys since you have such a reputation on many forums.

I'm asking because I always wanted to get into nitro, and I'm going to try this summer, and I live in a tiny apartment, and the 18th scale of the NT18MT appeals to me much more than a Revo or a T-Maxx, plus it's easier to sneak it out to school for wrenching and "test driving" during lunch and autoshop.

Thanks for listening (or is it reading?)!

2006.02.24, 06:00 PM
After some thinking and realizing some things, I think it's now more between the IRC Vulcan/Kyosho Nitro Mini-Inferno (if released) and the Kyosho Nitro Mini-Inferno ST (if released) because there are already many hopups for the electric Mini-Inferno's and it will be much cheaper than the XRAY, plus it's a little bigger so better off-road performance.