View Full Version : IW02 controller problem (antenna wire on the loose)

2006.02.06, 11:31 AM
I got the spring broke (the one that centers the steering wheel). I made a spare spring from a pen, so the wheel centers again. But since all those wires are sooo thin, wire for led and wire for antenna got apart from the board after turning and turning the boards over again (not so well soldered...). Luckily there is a mark for the LED-wires, got that fixed, but i don't have a clue where to solder antenna's wire. So if someone could unscrew few screws from ones controller, and check where the white, slightly thicker, wire is located in the board, that would make me happy again. Maby a picture would say it all.

2006.02.06, 01:17 PM
I have a dead transmitter that Hobby Services replaced. I will open it up when I get home tonight and see if I can help you out.

2006.02.06, 04:11 PM
The white antenna wire runs from the bottom of the antenna screw to the back side of the small brown board. It is marked "ant1" right at the top of the green resistor. Solder it to the top of the green resistor on the back side of the board.

Hope this helps!!!!

2006.02.07, 08:17 AM
Jeah, that helps a lot. I see the Ant1-marking now, I somehow missed that yesterday, maby because been so pissed of about that radio.
Antenna is connected through a resistor to the board, so maby if I replace the resistor with a smaller one would improve the reception (it has been not-so-good even before loosening the antenna's wire). Though the antenna itself don't seem so sturdy, it gets quite wigly wagly when it's pulled out. I got very good stickradio for my Airstreak, the antenna on that is very, don't know the right word, strong. Is there possibility to replace radio's antenna to better one?

Radio works now btw.

2006.02.07, 12:24 PM
It may not be the transmitter that is causing the range problems. It may be the car itself if you are using it with an Iwaver. I have had problems with my newest Iwavers losing range. Four boards went to the point where I had to have the antenna 2 inches from the car, one lost range to about 20 ft.