View Full Version : Enzo on lakeshoreRC's Track

2006.02.08, 04:13 AM
hi all
here is my enzo on a lakeshoreRc's track, which has a good grip but a very small width :/

2006.02.09, 12:27 AM
Nice track. That dog was pretty kewl just sitting there enjoying the festivities :)

2006.02.09, 12:56 AM
that (old) dog called Yanguee is really interesting with mini-z look this pict lol
i can't found the first video i make with him, it was so funny to see him run after and try to return the car with his nose.
I'll make an other one as soon as my cam recorder will be back from holiday

2006.02.09, 02:17 AM
Good vid, great music. Very entertaining. You can cruise that track pretty good. I would say, best lakshore track vid yet. I ahd a track that was that tight. You can run 3-4 but anymore and it's crash city. Nice setup though.


2006.02.09, 11:12 AM
the track at my shop has the same lane widths and were able to run 6 car races without a problem. Nice track but lets see an overhead of the track layout.

2006.02.09, 12:46 PM
6 on this track ? wow, it's not a destruction derby race ? lol
i ran only with one friend, and it's difficult to double without choc :(
for the overhead pict, i'm sorry but have to wait a few month, cause the track is in a hotel room, so, when we are open, i have to dismount it... in two month (or in a evening if friend is really motive to run soon) i'll take a few ;)

2006.02.09, 01:06 PM
If everyone is decently skilled and not running like mad I can imagine 6 cars running ok.


2006.02.10, 01:22 AM
i try to imagine, should be great !
but i like speed :D , that's why it's difficult lol