View Full Version : wich spedd controll?

2006.02.09, 09:04 AM
Hello. Ive been serching for a very small speed controll with brake and reverse, the smallest controll Ive found is the robotronic micro-speed wich have the Weight: 11g and the size: 22.7 x 22.5 x 5.9mm but I want something even smaller. Im thankful for any help. :o
Excuse me for my bad English im from Sweden.

El Tigre
2006.02.09, 07:53 PM
Go with the Robi, take the case off and thats about as small as it gets, or Mod a Mini-Z board for aftermarket servo.

2006.02.10, 05:31 AM
there is smaller ... Race-z.de

I use this one ... perfect. I developed it together with this German guy. Very small, programmable by PC and very light (only 3 grams), smaller then the Robitronic.