View Full Version : If I took all my aprings off

2002.03.21, 05:51 AM
would it handle better? Is it safe?

2002.03.21, 06:56 AM
haha.... you'll be scratching the bottom..... and the car would bounce.....

2002.03.21, 08:48 AM
Why?? Why?? Why??

2002.03.21, 04:37 PM
Just wanted to know would it handle better

2002.03.21, 05:30 PM
well, then won't make it handle better... that's y the springs are there in the first place...:D

2002.03.21, 05:55 PM
maybe he saw one of my posts were I said I have no springs at all in my car... I only have none, cuz I replaced it with spongy springy foam rubber... wich I am starting to like more then the springs ;)

2002.03.21, 06:31 PM
You guys should also try some fuel tubing intended for nitro cars. It will act as a bit of a damper as well as providing some spring.

2002.03.22, 02:56 PM
Not the wisest move, but I guess it's a quick and nasty engineering exercise.
There was a Posting last year from one of the Philipino Members who removed the springs from his F1 and used firm rubber as an alternative. He apparently broke the track record with that setup.

It makes sense to me, as the F1 (like it's 1:1 counterparts) has a low ride height and sits very wide.
The tyres (like real F1's too) could absorb most of the smaller bumps and ripples.

2002.03.22, 09:30 PM
the guy mondo is refering to is chuck, incidentally he's the webmaster of www.connecticutspeedway.com and www.dragracingpinoy.com (once again i apologize for these shameless plugs) and he is one hell of a driver...

visit the site and look at how chuck set up his f-1...
he also has some tips on how to prevent the kyosho rear rim from breaking...

to my knowledge he has...

no suspension
an x-speed motor with super turbo
gpm ball diff
gpm foam tires

and if i'm not mistaken.... that's it :D