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2006.02.14, 06:35 AM
my name is Eric but im known as "Whitie" on most if not all the forums i post at. I have been into Xmods for about 3 years now and decided to move on after possibilies ran out for them. I have found myself looking into Iwavers, Firelaps, and Mini-z's. I have ended up purchasing a Iwaver 02 from a friend and im working out a deal for a Fire 4.0 (which "I know" arent the typical buyers choice) but i have gone with the cheaper alternative to the Kyosho Mini-z series so that if i decide to not stick to the 1/28th scale scene i wont be troubled about all the money i spent. But enough of my chatter about myself, lets get to my cars.

The Iwaver 02 that i have purchased is a perfect "starter" for me. So far i am just waiting on it to arrive. I am very good with the electrical aspect of R/C cars and/or anything involving electronics. I just stacked a 3x3 stack of the Si4562DY FETs for the Iwaver PCB. I plan to install a I-pro motor from T0y3ast, Li-ions (from a private source), and quite possibly a carbon fiber chassis pan from t0w3rh0bbi3s. Now for some asthetic things of the car. The body is a Mercedes CLK AMG, it has your standard plastic rims and stock nylon lugs. I plan to order a Firelap Ferrari Enzo body and aluminum rim combo from t0y3ast. And possible some aluminum nylock lugs (most likely chrome).

Since i am not certain that i am getting the Firelap 4.0 i have been slightly fishing around for some parts and found a nice fully aluminum set from t0y3ast that i might purchase(the kit also comes with a X-speed motor and a set of BB's as well as tire inserts). But as for now nothing is really jumping out at me. I will most likely buy more stuff once i full decide to get the truck.

Thanx, and any suggestions would be welcome and appriciated.

2006.02.22, 01:51 AM
Finaly got my truck, here are some pics.




Enjoy.... lots of plans for this one.

2006.02.22, 02:19 AM
well whitie, you too? welcome. :)

so how much have you spent so far? :P

2006.02.22, 02:25 AM
Well Color0 its nice to see a familier face around here :-P but so far i have spent nothing....... i know its pitifull. But i have so many plans such as li-ions, possibly a PN S04 and a grip of aluminum parts as well as bearings and some new tires and inserts.

2006.02.22, 10:18 AM
welcome you will find we are relly frendly here . That's a nice fire lap you have there .