View Full Version : how many volts 3x2 01?

2006.02.18, 11:24 AM
hey guys, i just bought an 01 with a 3x2 stack of rf7317 fets. I was wondering how many volts i can use with a plasmaatomic motor or pns03 or something like that without frying my car. thanks in advance.

2006.02.18, 11:33 AM
I'm not sure but I think the MR-01 can only handle 6volts. I think there is tutorial somewhere where you can change the capacitor to increase the voltage capacity.

I've seen some 01's runnig lithiums. Wondered how they did that w/o frying something.

2006.02.18, 01:45 PM
anyone else have any insight?

2006.02.20, 02:41 AM


it's a jap mini r/c site with some english texts... visit the mini-z section... there's a wicked collection of chassis experiments... even a 6 cell mr02... good luck... :D