View Full Version : Programming IW02 controller

2006.02.20, 04:14 PM
I recently bought a used Iwaver 02 Controller and it did not come with any manuals. It is the computer one, can i use the futaba manual (2PL or 3PM) to set it up? Does any one have a link for one? Thanks!

2006.02.21, 06:29 PM
I have had some luck with the futaba 2PL manual (I don't think they are exactly the same, but similar enough to figure out most, if not all, of the functions):

Futaba 2PL Manual (http://www.futaba-rc.com/manuals/2pl-manual.pdf)

Taken from this page:

Futaba Manuals Page (http://www.futaba-rc.com/manuals/index.html)

The manuals are all in PDF.

2006.02.21, 06:30 PM
Thanks, I downloaded both the 2PL and 3PM. :D