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2006.02.20, 11:14 PM
Working on a project...
Some one link me to some components for mini rc... I have no idea what is out there right now, or comming out.

I need a small:
reciever... and...
brushless esc with reverse, for a car not a plane...

I can fit a full size RX but I want something smaller...
I might just give in and use that spectrum 2.4ghz radio

Anyway I need the dimensions and stuff so I can put it in cad and size up the space I have available...

Yes this is another of my AWD versions... since its been done, by kyosho/xmod... I plan to make this a very different car now, so different that I do not think it has even been done on any RC chassis yet. But im not saying till I do it. :)

2006.02.21, 10:31 AM
What are you making the chassie out of? My dad can probably cut it on his laser for a small fee.

2006.02.21, 11:42 AM
With this chassis I do not believe there is anything that could be cut by laser... there is no flat part.

2006.02.21, 05:40 PM
If you're talking about 2.4, you probably have 75MHz FM?


Super tiny, decent prices. A buddy uses the multiplex with his JR radio and likes it, but I cannot vouch for the GWS.

2006.02.21, 11:08 PM
hi drac... have you checked out this site? the guy who made it is from italy... kinda cool site... belt driven 4wd... click on the materiali, sturmenti, differenziali, transmissione, sospensioni... etceteri... etceteri... :D pretty cool concept... machined by his own mini lathe.. he has a list of what kind of components he used... good luck with your project!!! :D


2006.02.21, 11:21 PM
That pico RX is perfect sized.. I will likely be using that if this project comes to tangibility beyond the pc...

Now I need a brushless ESC, that can handle more than one motor ;)
I can just wire them in parralel i believe for dual motors... with little issues I think yes? The way brushless is they will always be "matched" right?

My original design was belt driven as well... but I also want all the bodies and rims, as well as custom length/width adjustments on mychassis so I scraped it... for a shaft drive train... wich I might produce... this project is a bit different then both the previous designs ;). What makes it so hard to crap it all in is the way the autoscales mount... the side body clips are always in the way of some concepts...

2006.02.23, 02:59 AM

for the brushless ESC, I plan to buy this (http://heliquest.chainreactionweb.com/product_info.php?products_id=1564)
It is fully programmable and has all functions for cars (reverse, brake, abs etc.). And, the most important thing, it is the smallest I've found with these features.

For the receiver, the smallest receiver is the pico 4car (http://www.acteurope.de/html/body_news_2004.html) but it is hard to find, I;ve found an online shop that sell them but I do not remember the link, when I will find it again I will post it.

Have a nice day!


2006.02.23, 10:22 AM
The Quark is what i currently have CAD'ed up in 3D, in my AWD file... but I would rather have a smaller esc... I do not need all the programing stuff.

Unfortunatly I was also going to call my chassis the QuarRC lol - I need to rename it I guess...

I think with the extra space I saved redesigning this car I am going to have to redo the battery bays into a 6 AAA cell configuration :).. maybe it will just be an optional thing.. like my lipo battery bay ... swap them out between the 3.

2006.02.23, 11:55 AM
What kind of Cad are you using?

2006.02.23, 02:17 PM
Just AutoCAD... I had it in solid works (which I like better), but my free use of solid works expired lol... I have a full copy of autocad so that is what I use. Now if I can just find a job in this area were ppl need autocad users lol... I keep sending resumes out, but never hear ne thing from them... lol.

2006.02.23, 03:12 PM
My Dad uses Catia/Delmia for his buisness.

2006.03.15, 04:30 PM
Need smallest brushed ESC I can get to run a 130 motor.... for non brushless version... the prototype ;)

With all the itty bitty tiny plane esc, I would have thought there would be at least one with reverse out there that wasnt like some 60amp esc LOL... sigh... only need like 5-10A...

2006.03.15, 10:51 PM
Draco, do you have a CNC machine or machining tools?! I wish I knew someone who did who could make my Mini-Z Mini-Clod concept a reality. Heck, it could be 1:24 or even smaller...if I have the ability to make my own professional quality parts.

2006.03.16, 03:54 PM
Drac, I'd try to track down an IPD esc. They have the race 20 (IPD R-20) and the IPD R-18 (newer than the 20). Its a canadian company and they've gone out of business, but the ESC's were super tiny and airplane style, but designed for cars (ie, will setup correctly on a pistol grip etc.). Might post on one18th and see if anyone has one. The people that do love them (you will also find some pics of them ideally). If you want dimensions, I should be able to get them since I know people that have both versions.

2006.03.18, 05:33 PM
This looks like a really tiny ESC *Link* (http://www.globalhobby.com/public/gallery/159180.asp)

2006.03.18, 06:23 PM
no reverse and its bigger than it looks... and i dont need 850Amps LOL...

2006.03.18, 06:34 PM
O and a suggestion on a place to get plastic's. Laird plastics on grosebeck.Laird Plastics *Link* (http://www.lairdplastics.com/)

2006.05.12, 09:52 AM
Bringing this post back due to a change in fate... I altered the design again, and some how I wound up with a lot of parts that could be laser cut... however the parts are very small... and some groves may be smaller than a laser can cut propperly...

I need them cut out of 1mm thick material... likely some alum sheet or carbon fiber... 2 of the parts are 2mm thick.

As for components chosen...

Servo: Hitech HS55 -or- BlueBird 303 for a smaller optional (less torque/speed)
GWS: 75mhz pico RX
ESC: Xray 300 or 180

These all fit nicely around the motor :)

2006.05.12, 12:08 PM
Servo: Hitech HS55 -or- BlueBird 303 for a smaller optional (less torque/speed)
GWS: 75mhz pico RX
ESC: Xray 300 or 180

Glad to hear you're still pursuing this drac! Wanted to update you with some new possibilities. There is an airplane ESC that supposedly works, its a 8A and is quite tiny. It is the GWS GS-100E (http://www.bphobbies.com/view.asp?id=V533528&pid=S540247). The only drawback is it needs to be setup every time you power it. It doesn't sound too bad tho. I recently picked up pretty much all of the electronics you're looking at for my custom xmod project (based off http://pro-z.com/tcz), and this pic should give you an idea of size for the components :)


2006.05.12, 01:07 PM
A good there is a 75mhz gws with out the flat servo plugs ;) that will fit way better... I thought I was gona have to modify it...

The trick with the ESC thing is I want reverse... so I am just going to go with the xray 180 or 300... 60-70$... but oh well...

Let me know if you are satisfied with the power of the bluebird as a steering servo... it will save a great deal of space... larger motor etc. I could use that Orion Flash motor or whatever its called...

2006.05.12, 01:25 PM
Yea, call bphobbies, they might still have some of the GWS Rx I got (its not on their site though). $19.95 and the micro xtal was $7.

Yea, sorry about the reverse, I think the IPD I recommended was brake only too. Tho $9 for a fwd/brake is not bad :) Will let you know how testing on this goes since it would be a cheaper alternative for people who buy your chassis.

Will let you know on the 303 once I get to it.

You mean this (http://www.teamorion.com/news.asp?id=177) motor (TO Elite modified)? Great motor, nice low amp draw and great speed/torque for a 1/24 much less a 1/28. If you don't have one, someone at one18th was selling one used for $20 I think, but its been up for a while so you could probably score it for $15 shipped?

Not related, but does anyone in the mini-z world use this motor? Seems like it'd be a sweet upgrade to shortcut all the fet stacking (since it has a lower current draw due to being coreless). I guess I don't know how it compares RPM wise to the low turn 130's but I'd assume if geared properly it would be a great choice... Is it difficult to mount to a mini-z or something?

2006.06.08, 09:15 AM
It's not fair that in the model aviation world, their are unbeleivably tiny ESC's and receiver's, but us car guys are stuck with big ones. I've got a Micron RC helicopter that is full functional hobby quality RC that sits in the palm of my hand. And I've got small hands! I can post pics of it soon if anybody want's to see. I can put it next to my MR02 Mini-Z for compairison. Only problem is, it does not fly at our altitude here in Colorado.