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2006.02.21, 06:41 AM
I just now ordered the AWD Mini Z. I know I am late in doing this, but wanted to see how well it will do. Have any of you guys hade good or bad results with it??? :rolleyes:
The Planet Hobbys

2006.02.21, 08:27 AM
if you use it alot you will blow the rear diff and wear out the cup joints and swing shafts. Alloy upgrades are available for the later two. the upgraded ball diff is suppose to be released by kyosho in April.

Browse the AWD section and read up on it. the weakness have been well documented.

2006.02.21, 08:25 PM
You will be glad you got it. Grab a couple up grades and you will be good to go. Its fun to drive and we should be able to make it bullet proof with in the next few months. ;)