View Full Version : My Newest Project

2006.02.25, 03:46 AM
Ok guys, i bought a Iwaver 01 with a skyline RS4 body on it from a buddy on another forum and the paint is pretty messed up. I plan to repaint it to be my Falken drifter (i know RWD RCs dont drift well if at all) but with some good photography i can make it drift LMAO. But anyway lets get to what the graphics will look like.

The paint on the body is sorta like this, the blue is darker and the graphics are messed up, but i thank god for 1000grit sand paper and steal whool. But any suggestions would be appriciated.

(BTW- that photo was made by me in Photoshop) Enjoy


2006.02.25, 02:07 PM
That's cool, it should turn out nice. You could drift the RW MR01, you just have to get the traction right from front to back so that you can get the rear to slide with out coming around on ya. Slowing down your steering responce will help too. The rest will be throttle controle and lots and lots of practice. :cool: