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2002.03.23, 11:14 AM
hey guys,

it has been a sad morning........ after tinkering with my Z and putting in some new parts, i went for a test run down my hall.... when into a turn a bit too fast and the Z started to oversteer, me trying to correct it made too much a motion and lost control of it..... the sad part besides side-swiping a wall, was that i broke my servo gear...... *sigh*..... now the question is, is alloy worth the money, or should i just stick with the derlin ones and put that moeny towards something else?.....

thanks guys,


PS, i'm assuming the first gear is the gear that connects to the steering rod? :D

2002.03.23, 11:23 AM
I think you should buy another 4 sets of servo gears for 20 bucks. That is how much ONE servo gear is in alloy. So just get another five or four servo gear sets. thats waht i did.:p

2002.03.23, 11:24 AM
wait.. also get a mega tech bumper for ur car... it really helps in collision.

2002.03.23, 11:58 AM
yeah that's another part of it that's driving me crazy...... i usually have a bumper on the car to prevent this, but after getting the nex parts in and all that, i didn't install the bumper back on and this was the result.... *sigh*..... guess i've learned my lesson about driving with out a bumper.....

what brand did you get?.... do u think there is a difference between the bransds for servo gears?



2002.03.23, 12:38 PM
also, getting a alloy part will mean another part of the car will get more stress. You know, the weakest point breaks.