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2006.03.01, 05:20 PM
I've seen the threads on storing the track, but haven't seen any threads on transporting it. I know a bunch of you transport tracks from home to GTG's, I assume you do it with rails on. So do you just toss loose tiles or small stacks into your car or have you found a storage box that works to contain them? I'm ideally thinking of something large that can hold a single wide L (in my case 45 degree) kit worth and has wheels for ease of movement.

Any ideas?

2006.03.01, 05:28 PM
I'm getting ready to build some cases so we can move our track. We got an offer to use a big gym at a local university. Turns out one of the club members is palls with the facility manager.

I found this pic on another thread (It's got his logo on it so you'll know who's idea this was). This idea rocks and is how I store my track. We can tear down and stack it in a matter of minuets.

I am going to build boxes with casters on the bottom out of 1/4 ply, I'm going to put the frame on the outside, so that the inside is smooth.

I need the box to allow me to stack in this way so that tear down can be as fast as it is now.

The dimensions of the box will be the correct width to allow stacking of the track as layed out in the diagram.

This way I can roll it around my garage, and throw the boxes in the back of the truck.

Rite now, if we want to move the track, we put it in cardboard boxes and throw it in my truck. It takes forever to stack it this way and takes alot Moore room in the truck then the new box will.

I hope this helps.

2006.03.01, 06:11 PM
Thats the stacking method I use, so I'm looking for a mass produced box to fit it (instead of your home built solution). I will check stack dimensions tonight and do some searching. I think my ideal solution would be a trunk shape instead of a tall square shape (ie. 2 shorter piles vs. 1 tall pile), and ideally have wheels. I would do anything that fit them tho! Only reason I wouldn't build my own is lack of tools/shop space since I live in an apartment.

I'll post if I find anything.

2006.03.01, 06:30 PM
My girlfriend's Aunt's company makes custom bags and such. If anyone can provide a design, I can see about getting them done.(i.e. quote) There is no minimum and she would only charge the cost for the materials and the labour, no markups...anyway, a suggestion. I know another guy who is in the embroidery business and can do up some patches or embroider the actual bags. Keep in mind that you can't put RCP on it, since that is a trademark symbol and would need to either get permission from John Billig or buy the rights from him to use his logo.

I personally was thinking something like a square bag with a shoulder strap and handles, like a duffle bag, but had re-enforced interior (like cardboard..like duffle bag). Also know of another place that offers plastic fasteners of all sorts, including stuff like belts (and other assorted buckles, strap fasterners etc...). The company is Spaenaur (www.spaenaur.com) if anyone would like to look there for stuff to help with the design. That is where I would get the assorted clips and stuff for the shoulder strap.

2006.03.01, 07:36 PM
Well, after some measuring, it looks like the edge tiles are 20.5" wide (measured along the rail). For the proper staggered stacking as in the image rharris linked, add 2x the width of the border, 5" (2.5" each). So if you were absolutely PERFECT, you could fit the stack in a 25.5"x25.5" square, but I'd go for a 26"-28" square so you don't have to align it PERFECTLY when storing. Height of my stack is about 26-28" too...

Digging around for boxes now.

Sinister_Y, can you get a quote on a bag with those dimensions? Perhaps make it 2 bags with a height of 14" each so its a more managable carry?

2006.03.01, 08:08 PM
Found this:
http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?CATID=71237&PRODID=69671 but the 6" kills it... something along these lines would do fine tho.

Just a big cardboard box, but the dimensions are about right...

2006.03.01, 10:03 PM
Cdog, so...looking at the links, what you would be comfortable with is what seems like a suitcase type bag. Which means zippers and handles as noted in the sample pic in the 1st link.

I think rharris has the right idea about using wheels and stuff, so carting this stuff around is as easy as pie.

Also, when I said design, I meant like a C.A.D. design (like what Draconius whips up for RCP track tiles (like 45 deg stuff), not just dimensions, though that is a start.

If I wanted the factory to make the bag with what we've got so far, they would probably have to charge for the design as well. That's because they would have to make a pattern, which they then cut from the material and then use the machines to sew it up, etc... It may take them sometime to 'get it right'. REmember they construct the bags, not engineer them...Although I guess I could hack my way through it to make something like what you had suggested.

I think we need some more help from some other members...plus there should be other guys/people who want to do the same thing as this and if we all band together it should be easier for us. Again, nobody is looking to make money here, this is just filling our needs so we can play our r/c cars with our buddies and cart our RCP tracks around.

Note that I am in Toronto, Canada. So, with the bags being made in Canada, it hopefully would be duty free due to NAFTA free trade act for anyone south of the border, like my American friends. However, there would be shipping charges though...

I'd have to validate with someone about exports involving fabric. I know that is usually means a big hit with custom duties if importing from another country into Canada, but the other way around, not sure.

This maybe a project that doesn't materialize (like that pun?) as quick as everyone would want, unless of course we get a CAD designing person to do us up a design, regardless I provide the dimensions as noted and get some kind of feedback this weekend. I will post any update to this thread.

2006.03.03, 03:28 PM
Here is some info on come custom cardboard boxes as needed. Dimensions are 28" square (as noted in your email before)

The same girlfriend's aunt uses this place for boxes for their manufacturing...


Talked to sales rep "Dave" and got the following quote:

(minimum order) 100 boxes that are 200 test, single wall (will support up to 65 lbs) is $11.64/ box CDN (using today's exchange is about $10.25 USD each). They provide free shipping within Canada (sorry guy...)

Price for 200 boxes (same specs) is $9.05 CDN each (USD= approx $7.97 each).

I will still look at doing up some material containers. In fact I did take engineering at school, but it was a LONG time ago and I never finished, I went into Finance world instead, so I have a design. Just got to find where to get the material cheap. I'm looking to have it waterproof and like canvas since I though guys might want to store it outside or at least in the garage where it may be damp or cool.

The guy just called me back when posting this and said he would take off another 5% discount...so you work out the numbers and whatever shipping cost would be.

Let me know if you want to go ahead with the box idea for now and then after we've used the boxes, we could go with the fabric container provided it's price point is good.


2006.03.03, 03:46 PM
We designed a storage bag in May of 2005 and had some prototype bags manufactured and brought them to RCX. We haven't put them into production as of yet because the minimum order from our supplier overseas was way to high. The stacking method we came up with in 2005, that works best is shown in the attached pictures and is very much like the drawings shown in the beginning of this post. This method allows you to keep the side rails attached for quick and easy assembly. The prototype bag is shown in attached pictures. The only change to this design is bigger straps and a larger RCP Tracks logo.

Sinister, I am interested in what your supplier could do for us here in the US. Might be something we could include in each track kit.

2006.03.03, 04:36 PM

Hello. Will send you an email to your company's address with my contact information. Perhaps we can touch base on this soon to discuss ideas?


Shawn aka Sinister_Y

2006.03.03, 05:11 PM
Ok, I want those bags!!!

I would rather have a few bags like that then build custom boxes. Light weight, and easy to move around... Nice.

2006.03.03, 07:43 PM
I would buy those immediately! I know they're not in production RCP, but any idea on cost, even ballpark, if you did start selling them?

I found a local source for 28"x28"x20" boxes, I'd assume the 200 test. About $14, but no shipping since its local. Will also try officedepot etc. Theres a place online that sells these for $3.59 or less each, but the minimum order is 10:


Still would like a bag, but I think the boxes would do.

2006.06.10, 04:04 PM
Here is an example of a home mode track carrier made out of 1/2 inch CPVC pipe. It is 18 inches tall. The height can be increased or decreased as desired. One basket can be made for about $20. If there is any interest, I can post a parts list.

2006.06.10, 06:15 PM
Have been looking around unsuccessfully for a photo, while I was in the Navy we used 2’ x 4’ collapsible metal boxes commonly referred to as a “cruise box” although quite heavy they have the advantage of not only being extremely tough and stackable, but also collapse down to approx. 3” high for storage when not in use.

For lighter transport what I think would be ideal is a light weight plastic or plywood and canvas version of the above cruise box. Basically a square canvas bag with handles on the sides that has a sturdy bottom and collapsible sidewalls, it could even have wheels attached to the plywood bottom. The rigid flat bottom and sidewalls would provide protection and prevent the tiles from distorting in heat during transport. They then could be collapsed down for storage and might even allow an limited amount of stacking.

2006.06.10, 07:11 PM
Weird that this post should apear pop up again... now that I have some RCP track of my own... I was pondering ways to store it and carry it as well. Came up with a few ideas... one is PVC based, and open construction, like that track basket. I was going to make some hook like shapes to mount on a wall... and hang my track in 2x1 sections on the wall... then I realized this same idea could be a track carrier...

could you all stand it if the carrier was 2 tiles wide? This way you can leave them together in pairs... less assembly/dissaseembly... that should still fit in large trunks, and will deff fit in trucks ;). The Ann Arbor track gets chunked up into pieces 2 tiles large, and chucked in a box, it winds up warped sometimes and it effects the race... so I will try to get it to stack in a way to have less warp as well.

I am drawing up some sketches now... this carrier will then hang on the wall like my original idea. :)

2006.06.10, 07:43 PM
Extremely rough concept compared to what i have in mind... but this is a quick 3D sketch of what I mean... it is flat enough to hang on wall, or it could have casters to roll around, its 5 foot tall tho and only holds about 1 wide L... two of them would hold 2 L's... and could be put back to back into one cart...

2006.06.11, 09:01 AM
I see what you're trying to do. Instead of breaking the track down to single tiles, you are keeping them 1 tile by 2 tiles or even 2 by 2 squares. Your idea will work perfectly if you have a large vehicle to transport the track or just plan on storing the track.

The idea behind the basket was more for people that do not own a truck or a van.

2006.06.11, 10:48 AM
I know it wont fit in super compact cars, but then again, it wont fit in a lot of cars in the basket either ;) like Mini-Zs MR2 lol...

I figure this rendering is a bit too tall at about 5 foot.. I just kept copy pasting the tiles up and up... and then took a render lol.. no real design in it yet... so it would have to be shorter...

2006.06.11, 03:35 PM
I know it wont fit in super compact cars, but then again, it wont fit in a lot of cars in the basket either ;) like Mini-Zs MR2 lol...

I figure this rendering is a bit too tall at about 5 foot.. I just kept copy pasting the tiles up and up... and then took a render lol.. no real design in it yet... so it would have to be shorter...

you will also what to concider that you won't want to take the rails off once you get them all put on. it would be nicer to come up with an idea that could leave the rails on. I like you idea about a hanging basket.

2006.06.11, 03:57 PM
The rails do/will stay on... ;)

2006.06.11, 05:29 PM
Look's like a good idea. Just figure out a good way to deal with the curve and corner pieces. That's with the rails on. Taking it down with all those loose pins to get lost, is something I shy away from.

2006.06.14, 04:14 AM
After actually using the track baskest (storing, transporting and setting up). Setting up was about the worst part of the deal. Storage works great and the track and basket can fit through 36" doors (good idea if you want to get the track out of the house). As far as fitting into small vehicles.......that needs some work. Half the fun is trying new ideas.....Looks like I am going to have more fun :) .

2006.06.28, 07:14 PM
I think I like the bag idea best. Cheap, simple and pretty effective it would seem. Drac, from your render it seems the bottom tile would bow a bit under the weight? Would probably only be noticible in the bottom 2-3 tiles... a foam pad at the bottom (triangle shape) to support the bottom would solve it. Glad I'm not the only one still hunting a good solution :)

What about cheap nylon stuffsacs? Think we could find one for cheap and that would fit the square stack? Perhaps some camping gear (tho camping stuff is not generally cheap) would prove suitable.

2006.06.28, 11:08 PM
Well it was just a crude concept.. its nothing like I was actualy imaginging, just something so slap down and show ppl... in my view the bottom would have a flat piece for the bottom piece to lay flat on.. and that space would be like a storage area/zipper bag or something for stuff.. likely or rails...

the curves would sort of fit if they were put in every other couple of straights, they would have to be on top etc...

2006.07.02, 11:14 AM
911 - How did that PVC basket idea of yours work for the most part. Could you put up how many parts of what connectors and the overall dimensions of the whole thing? Thanks

2006.07.02, 12:11 PM
i already hang portion of my track like the wide turn kits and 45 turn kit on the wall with high strength fishing string. you simply run it across a long wall and tuck the rails over the string and it suspends the tiles nice and flat like against the wall;) all the weigh is distributed along the rail pins an about mid point so i won't get any tile warping

2006.07.02, 12:19 PM
A surplus possibility? :) They just added this to their site...


2006.07.03, 12:46 PM
ARCH2B: The idea on the fish net can you post pic of this we have something at work that we get the lids for soda pop cans in. it is very strong but it only comes in 3 ft wide strips about 10-20 ft long they just throw this away. I was trying to think of something to do with this I was thinking I could take wire ties and fasten it together and try a basket that way

911GT3: how is this working out for you on the basket I would also like to know?

I really want to start taking the RCP on the road to get more interest in the mini-z just need a way to get it from here to there efficiently thinking of doing flea markets and swap meets and such

2006.07.03, 01:32 PM
here is the 45 deg section hanging on the wall


2006.07.08, 06:36 AM
Went to plan "B" with the track basket. I modified the two baskets I had already made to accomodate a 1 tile by 2 tile configuration. This seems to work well. There is a lot of wasted space. I will post a picture showing the track and the basket. Each basket will hold one Wide L, can fit through a doorway, but can't fit into a small car. But it will easily fit into a van, SUV, or other large vehicle.

2006.07.08, 04:38 PM
Here is a picture of the 1 x 2 tile track basket.

2006.07.09, 05:00 PM
Does anyone have a good solution to transport the track using a car? I don't have a really small car but its no SUV or Van. Anyone have something similar to the pvc basket that can fit in to a car that carries a couple of Wide Ls either one wide L at a time or split it up. Doesnt really matter

2006.07.11, 06:08 PM
A single basket will not carry a Wide L and fit into a small car. Multiple smaller baskets may work. Keeping the one of the dimensions to about 12 inches or less should allow the basket to fit in a smaller vehicle. I'll have to work something out to get exact dimensions.

2006.07.18, 09:33 AM
I've been able to fit an entire Mini Tile 96 in an SS040 Duffelbag 40"x20"x18" at www.duffelbags.com/duffelRollbags.htm

2006.07.19, 04:42 PM
The duffle bag is about the right size for a Wide L too.

2006.07.28, 05:17 PM
The duffle bag is about the right size for a Wide L too.

Not with the rails on. If you leave rails on you need to stagger it (many pictures of this) which makes it about 24" square, not the tile's natural 20" square. I think most of us want a bag that can handle the tiles with rails on, shame is they don't seem to have one :( I fear what a custom order would cost unless RCP did it. Having said that, I think if RCP did, the price would be reasonable based on the other bag pricing. Could even throw the RCP logo on. My vote would be a for a 24x24x24 or so bag. 2 of those would cover me I think. Or maybe shoot for a larger 24x24x50 bag and try to fit a whole wideL or so in it? I'd love a single bag/track solution!

2006.08.21, 02:08 PM
Was moving into our new house over the weekend, rented a uhaul to move the big stuff. While in the shop I browsed their boxes and found something that might work... http://store.uhaul.com/product_detail.aspx?id=3588

Picked one up and hope to test it out tonight. I envision doing the 4 direction stack up (w/ borders on) and then sliding it sideways into the box. I'd like it to be a bit taller since it seems like it would take 2-3 boxes for just a single wide L, but they're not too expensive and would be better than nothing. RCP just needs to release a carry/storage bag!

EDIT: this might work for keeping tiles in 2x1 format, but I'm not sure how you could keep the rails on... There might be a way to stack it, but would take some experimentation.

This one also looks very promising, would cut down on # of boxes: http://store.uhaul.com/product_detail.aspx?id=3461

2006.08.21, 02:23 PM
did rcp not mention a storage bag long ago? if so, has anyone checked back with him?

2006.08.21, 04:36 PM
did rcp not mention a storage bag long ago? if so, has anyone checked back with him?

Post #9 of this thread, no word since. I'm also deadly curious about the 50cm tile to 30mm tile adapters. He said they might do something with it in their next shipment, but I haven't seen anything since.

2007.03.29, 12:19 AM
Any updates on the bag?

2008.11.25, 11:50 AM
Sorry to dig up a dinosaur, but has anyone found an available solution for transporting RCP track? Not card board. This needs to be durable and last for a while. I'd like to get one Wide-L set in a single container. I'll need at least 4 containers plus a 5th like sized one for cars, tools etc. I am not averse to building my own but if there is something readily available I'd check it out.