View Full Version : HFAY OLPS Results for Event 2

2006.03.02, 12:31 PM
Here are our official results for our first try at this OLPS thing. We only had three racers this first time. It would be great to have more in the future. Anyone who is interested should visit www.howfastareyou.com for more information and track layouts. We'll try to schedule the second event for March on our next regular race night, Wednesday, March 8. See you all there.

Race 3
1 88 8:00.11 David Pollner
2 86 8:04.28 Eric Balicki
3 50 5:08.34 Jason Vicars

Race 4
1 84 8:02.60 David Pollner
2 82 8:02.19 Jason Vicars
3 81 8:00.98 Eric Balicki

2006.03.02, 02:35 PM
you guys did really great. I'm looking for you guys to move up in points

great job.

2006.03.02, 03:54 PM
Strong first showing... you are well on your way !

2006.03.02, 04:26 PM
Thanks! How cool is it to be able to compare your abilities with racers from all over the country - and maybe soon the world! Thanks for setting this up. We're looking forward to the next one.

2006.03.03, 08:16 AM
Here are the standings after Event 2, Races 3 and 4.