View Full Version : BB case install tutorial.

2006.03.05, 12:05 AM
My BB install tutorial (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showphoto.php?photo=3584&size=big&cat=542&page=1)

I came up with this as a "Sunday project". It is to help out the noobs that has not done this before.

2006.03.05, 08:32 AM
nice tutorial. thanks for putting that together.

how about one for an atomic style motor can?

2006.03.05, 06:51 PM
I thought there was one on the Atomic can, The Plasmatomic thread. I have not messed with the Atomic can yet, I do know that they use a different style brush. You will need to build a new wire harness. I may have to get an Atomic can to work with at a later time.

I did this one as a straight swap, trying to keep it simple and basic. And with the PN can to keep the same wiring set intact. I pluged the soldering iron in while I did this, the iron heated up. So a quick spot to reattach the caps to the can, it was ready to drop in in less than half an hour. That is stopping to take the pictures, the AWD motor was about half as long to do. I find the X speed with the PN BB case is a good all around motor that is fet safe. And you do it with a motor that is already broke in it makes a good practice motor. Oil and comm drops is all up to your favorite setup.

The advantages.
1. BB supported armature, better throttle control. Always a good thing.
2. Threaded holes, for mounting on the screw type mounts. A good thing in those cases.
3. the PN case has stronger magnets than the standard X speed, though not as strong as the neo magnets. The neo's give very good torque, but limits top speed. These are ideal for better acceleration and top speed as well.
4. More cooling for the brush area, Good for the AWD motors.
I have done a number of these setups and the stock fets hold up well on any one of my cars. I like to stick with the X speed arms as I know it is a relyable setup. I am sure if you abuse these you will still burn out the fets. This motor in the tutorial was used in my Overland as a tester, and it runs well.

2006.03.06, 11:19 AM
I thought of an idea for the HFAY OPS stock class. It is a choice of four motors from stock to the BB X speed.

D class, stock motor, stock right out of the package.
C class, X Stock, stock motor with the X speed case and magnets.
B class, X speed, straight out of the package.
A class, X speed BB, X speed in the PN case with the PN magnets.
Each of these use the same brushes and wiring that came with the motor. It isn't that much trouble to come up with this list of motors. Just two stock motors and two X speeds and one PN BB case. All run well on stock fets. It allows for the progressive ladder to be run. This sticks with the Kyosho motors.