View Full Version : Sat 3/11 10am till 4pm mini scale racing

2006.03.06, 02:11 PM
Practice in the morning. Qualifiying starts at 12:30. Classes we,ll be running
18th open(any mods ok,with stock type motor)

Mini scale pro(whatever you,re crazy enough to try class)

Mini scale open(chassis hop ups ok,no fets and non fet motor)

Sportsman class for our newer or younger racers

Fast lap for the day contest
Personal transponder needed for 18ths and will be avalible at track. Racing is 5.00 per class. Race is free with personal transponder purchase of 15.00
713-817-8035 1789 Upland Drive
New website under construction

2006.03.06, 02:21 PM

I checked out the new website. it looks like you have great start going. I'm jealous of you indoor location. I'm looking but without any luck. Hopefully one day I can make it down there to race with you guys.

One thing. you can purchase a domain name for like $15 for 5 years. Then you just set up a domain forward and point it to the RC Page on you mobilityplus website. then you can use w w w.******.com to get there. this is how I have the HFAY website set up with my salt lake mini-z site. it works really well.

******=your offical name if you have one.

2006.03.06, 03:20 PM
Thanks and your welcome here anytime. I hopefully will be getting more of it built in the next week or 2. I dislike very much fighting with computors,they always win!

2006.03.11, 05:33 PM
T, email me RE the site, I've got some ideas... ;)

2006.03.12, 07:29 PM
I loved the technical layout Trey! Good job as allways. ;)

2006.03.14, 08:31 AM
Here,s some track pics :D