View Full Version : pads for fets are touching. Is this okay for this side?

2006.03.07, 09:08 PM
This an Iwaver 01 board and i'm prepping for 4562 fets. Anyway, I know that on one side of the fets, its okay for the legs to touch. However, I don't know which side it applies to on the Iwaver because the the board is a little different from the MR01 judging from the pictures

I've used desoldering braid and it still looks like this. please help, I'd like to know before fying a fet. thanks!

2006.03.07, 09:18 PM
if its like the Z... all 4 on the motor wire side need to be connected, on each wire.

2006.03.07, 09:22 PM
... are you pinoy????

well according to the pics... it looks like that side goes directly to the motor side... if this is so, then you can solder them all together, its the other side that you must be careful not to solder the legs together.... hope that someone can verify this, as i have very little knowledge of the iwaver boards... good luck...

and welcome to the forums... :D

2006.03.07, 09:25 PM
thanks alot, and yes I am filipino. I know on xmods, the side with the #1 pin should not have any of the legs touching, but on the other side, it was okay if they touched.

I also could determine which pin was #1 because there was a dot over it. these fets, however, don't have one, so i'm a little confused

2006.03.08, 08:42 PM
well, i ended up trying and I thought the side thats not suppose to touch wasnt, but I was wrong. The fet blew and then when cleaning the board i ruined it. I guess that means i'm getting an pro board.

When I receive that, can I stack the 4562 fets on top of those?

2006.03.08, 09:27 PM
sad to hear... are you here in the phil? what part?

2006.03.08, 09:29 PM
no i'm in the states. Man, I have no luck with this stuff.

2006.03.08, 11:31 PM
oh.. what state then? as for your iwaver... suggest you save up and get a kyosho... and get the iwaver aluminum options

2006.03.08, 11:40 PM
I'm from GA. But yea, I already went ahead and ordered a 01 pro board. I'm thinking about using that board the way it is until I burn those fets.

At first, I was thinking of using a it with a 29T arm with 11 tooth pinion, but thats probably drawing too much for the pro board. Hopefully, i'll be okay running with a 35T arm with an 11 tooth pinion. Oh, and I probably will use the money that I get from selling my evo xmod towards the purchase of a MA010

2006.03.09, 01:12 AM
Actually, I just read some info I found, and I'll go with an atomic tuned motor. I've ran these on my xmod(powerdash) broken in properly with lith-ions with no problems, on the contraire to what I've read.