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2002.03.24, 04:41 PM
I heard from a friend that different coloured armatures equate to different guage wires (and thus different performances).

According to him - red is the thinnest, blue thicker, and gold thickest. From opening motors from canned heats they have red wires, while Tamiya 4wd slot cars have blue.

My question: has anyone switched a blue armature into the Z's? Would it increase the amp draw too much and burn sth? Or is the Z motor already in possession of a blue armature (I don't trust my soldering skills enuf to take the motor out yet). Does it even increase performace that much, if at all?


2002.03.24, 05:18 PM
Mini-Z Stock Armeture, and X-Speed I believe.. are RED... they are fairly thin wire... but I've seen thinner...

2002.03.24, 05:27 PM
and would replacing the red one with a blue one be too painful for the poor Z?

2002.03.24, 06:53 PM
If you replaced it with thicker wire, you would be reducing the power of the motor... unless you kept the same winds and turns, who knows, might not be nuff room for that I dont know never wound my own motor... but I would rather have thinner wire trippled, with slightly more winds... then a larger gauge wire... bigger is not better... or worse. just different. ;).

2002.03.24, 09:55 PM
I'm pretty sure it's the same number of winds -- but thicker guage as to reduce the resistence.

No matter though -- all I know is that the blue is better than red, and that gold is the best of'em. But if I do switch from red to blue - would it harm the Z?

Or are there no differences at all? Hmm...looks like I'll need to do some testing....

2002.03.24, 10:38 PM
Measure the amps, before using in a Z, if it pulls more then .9Amps its bad.. ;)

2002.03.25, 03:03 PM
hey, there is only one way to find out, hehehe... (but it aint gonna be me, lol :rolleyes: :p )

2002.03.25, 03:07 PM
I'll most likely get to it on Friday - I'll tell you guys how it goes =)

2002.03.29, 06:45 PM
Yeah...so did the tests. We (my friend - who will be P for now - and I) concentrated on the amp reading right at the instant we closed the circuit.

Red: ~0.7
Blue: ~0.9-1.2
Gold: ~2

After the initial bursts, the amp reading drops down to about .2-.4.
And that's that. So the blue ones'll might kill the car.

2002.03.31, 09:51 AM
Many Turbos can handle 20A, so it should be okay with for example the Eagle Turbo.