View Full Version : Another 2PL question

2006.03.09, 11:21 PM
Hi guys, i'm looking into buying a MZM. Does the 2PL work w/ the it?...will i have to adjust the circle thingy on the electronics board again? Please let me know..thanks!

please post pics of your mzm electronics board.

2006.03.15, 04:37 PM
I have used the 2PL without a problem with my MZM. I dont remember whether I adjusted the pot for steering centering... It was too long ago that I set it up. I have no plans to open my MZM chassis, but I have a 3x2 stack of 4562 FETs on it.

jason barnes
2006.03.15, 07:30 PM
hey faydo I have the am 2PL , works great . you will probablly have to mess with the thingy for the steering to be right ............jb