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2006.03.16, 09:00 AM
I put together a little video to summerize some of the driving that we did last weekend. We did a lot more that 2.5 minutes of driving but I don't think you guys want to see every last second.

This has some footage from our F1 heat, a little bash/jump session and some end of the day drifting...enjoy.

The video is about 15 MB and it's 2.5 minutes long. Let me know if anyone is having trouble seeing the footage. It's hosted at imagestation.com

Here's the link


I just tested it out.

1) You don't have to be a member,
2) You can just click the link in FIREFOX
3) When I tried it with IE, I had to right-click and 'save-as' to see the whole thing. Otherwise it gets cut off.


jason barnes
2006.03.16, 02:22 PM
hey spoon , did not see any thing about firefox to go to.........jb

2006.03.16, 02:57 PM
hey spoon , did not see any thing about firefox to go to.........jb

I was just saying if you use the FireFox (Mozilla) web browser, the video played fine right in the window. For Internet Explorer I has to use "Save as..." to get it to show the whole video.


jason barnes
2006.03.16, 04:07 PM
10-4 spoon

2006.03.19, 09:26 AM
Just wanted to link this to its sister thread (http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=220662#post220662) in DC GTG, I'll post the DCPS and possibly HFAY footage for the March 11 DC GTG there.

2006.03.24, 05:25 AM
I lovin' the Pharcyde instrumental from the 1st race :cool: