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2006.03.19, 12:56 PM
Teach The Newbie About Optional Parts.

2006.03.20, 10:15 AM
Which body for the monster is better? Is there only 4 bodies to choose from? Thanks.

what the hell, you're making a "teach a newbie about optional parts" for every freakin chassis there is?..what are u gonna do run over your wide L track with the monster and overland?

2006.03.21, 10:07 PM
Which body for the monster is better? Is there only 4 bodies to choose from? Thanks.

im having the same problem. Im not sure which one to get.

2006.03.21, 11:16 PM
Actually, I was planning to create jumps for the Overland and Monster. Looks like fun. I might get those board jumps from RCP if they sell it. Looks cool.

lets get one and jump over houses

2006.03.24, 07:53 PM
I have experience with multiple Mad Force and Mad Killer bodies. All of the Mad Killer bodies I have had bend easily and eventually pop off of the truck much more readily than the Mad Forces. Also, over jumps the Mad Killer bodies rattle more on landing (because they are looser). I would suspect the Hummer bodies would be similar to the Mad Killers in that regard. So I highly recommend the Mad Force bodies.

In regards to other optional parts, highly recommend:

Alloy front shock tower
Allow front knuckles
Oil shocks
Foam tire inserts
Sealed bearings
Diff grease
An extra servo saver
3500 psi epoxy to reinforce the holes on the top of the servo case where the ball screws insert.

Actually - my best recommendation is to forgo the Mini-Z Monster and get a Mini Inferno ST - 1:16th scale. It is so solid - even though stock it is more expensive, you need less upgrades and it is handles great outdoors. Just too big for indoors. It is also upgradable as your budget and desire allows. It comes stock with oil shocks, bearings, a sealed diff and VERY heavy plastic parts that I cannot seem to bust. I reinforce them with epoxy also btw.

I think I am fixing each MZM every week for something. That's with all that alloy too. They are fun and I am addicted to them, but they are down a lot for repairs.

MINIz guy11
2006.04.25, 09:32 PM
the aniversary ones just got some alloys, oil shocks and a xspeed outta the box. nothing special

2006.05.01, 08:33 AM
I should be getting mine this up coming week. It looks fun to play with. Any recommendations on how to tune this beast?

How do you plan to use it? Racing, jumping, wheelie machine, outdoors? Different setups for different uses. Other than the usual alloy for broken parts:

For racing a FET upgrade + upgraded motor should help. Bearings are a must too for speed. This will also make it a wheelie machine.

For jumping, I highly recommend 3racing oil shocks and front alloy knuckles and a front alloy shock tower. Don't forget to epoxy the servo case where the ball screws attach.

For outdoors - not the best vehicle for that (recommend 1:16 or 1:18 scale AWD - will cost u less in the long run), then think about locking your diff with the supplied locking plate.

MINIz guy11
2006.05.01, 02:33 PM
magic said the kyosho oil shocks were better for jumping(i think)

2006.05.01, 02:56 PM
Kinda off topic but I would reccomend the Team Losi Mini-LST over the Mini-Inferno.

Mini-LST Pros:
2 motors
Alloy chassie plates
The most ground clearance of any Mini
FM synthised radio

Mini-LST Cons:
If the motor is upgraded the gears tend to strip(Losi sends free replacements)
Some peoples rims are cracking(Losi will send a replacement I think)

and for the Mini-Inferno I have never driven one but they look really cool
But I have herd they are bad stock

2006.05.02, 09:50 PM
I'm probably going to use the Monster for everything I can think of. Racing, wheelie, outdoors, etc. Whatever I can think of. I'm probably not going to upgrade the FET even though I would want to. I prefer stock since these things costs over $100. Wouldn't want to hurt them. Do the alloy towers really help? What can they do? Resistance? And I'm probably going to go with the Kyosho oil shocks. They seem pretty good. However the 3Racing ones are aluminum.

First the shocks. The 3racing ones are the ones I have and have been adequate. However, there is room for improvement. I won't go into detail. Anything is better than the stock shocks if you jump.

As for the the shock tower question, if you use it stock I would epoxy the front shock towers where the swa arm attach. Those little right angle bends are fragile. If you break it then replace with alloy. Likely with time you will break more than just shock towers.

2006.05.11, 11:35 PM
Hey guys. Just wanted to know how much is a Mini-Z Monster truck worth on the forum brand new? Got a price? Let me know. Thanks.

A new one runs about $111 delivered (from H*obbytron). So I would say less than that if you are selling one that you decided you didn't want.