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2006.03.22, 09:35 PM
Hey guys im pretty new in this hobby and I wanted to know how does the diferent degrees on the front knuclkes and steering plates work? Do they need to be the same degree? ( knuckes and steering plates ) and what does it means?
Please help me understand.


jason barnes
2006.03.22, 10:50 PM
hey INC , knuckles with degree . zero knuc will be straight up and down . (looking from front) 1 , 2 ,3 knuc will have top of the tire leaning in (camber)is what they call it . the higher the number the more the tire leans in. why camber ? grab your mini pretend its going threw a corner , turn the tires one way and push down on the opposite side . where the weight of the car would shift . you notice the out side front tire does not make full contact . you will have to play with wich ones you like . to see how much contact you are getting . take a colored marker draw aline across the tire . then drive it . this will tell you how much contact . now on to the tow bars (looking from top of car ) rear towards you . 0 will be straght up and down ...2 , 4 , 6, tow bars the top of the tire will in towards the front body clip . 2 degree is probably best . 4 and 6 should not ever have to use . 2 will make the car stable and drive straight . 0 will make the car feel darty not as controlable ..they also help turning in and out . but that is another thing that you dont need to worry about now . just drive and have fun .....jb

2006.03.23, 07:20 AM
Thank you for the fast response. What combinarion do you recomend? I will be running on two wide L tracks. Here is a pic of the track.
Thank you

jason barnes
2006.03.23, 04:16 PM
1 degree knuc , 2 tow bar , yellow front springs , green rear spinigs , med t plate , tire's 8 rear 10 front , diff should not be super tight . turn down dual rate to 60 percent lowly go up as you get better with car.......jb

2006.03.24, 05:15 AM
Thank you so much Jason.