View Full Version : "Spider" Turbo v2.0 for XMods and Mini-Z Released

2006.03.23, 04:13 AM
Spider v2.0 "EensyWeensy" has Arrived

ausmicro.com is pleased to annouce the arrival of a the newest version of our highly successful "Spider" External Turbo.

The newest Spider, known as v2.0 or "EensyWeensy" as it's known to it's friends brings the same amazing performance of our first generation unit in a much smaller package. Now measuring a tiny 17mm x 18mm x 5mm this Spider is small enough to safely mount inside a MR01 style chassis!

To make the small size possible we've switched to using a commercially prepared 0.7mm double-sided circuit board. It's been fully masked to reduce the risks of shorts to other items and will not corrode!

A Spider for every Chassis
EensyWeensy has been tested in all the current chassis, from Kysoho MR01 through to Kyosho MA-010, it's done time in iWaver and Firelap chassis and has been turning up the heat on Xmods and Xmods EVO!

and a Spider for every Install
Like it predecessor EensyWeensy is available in Flying Lead OR Terminal block configurations.

The Terminal Block Spiders feature "lay-down" style terminal blocks for mounting under low bodies, 100mm power and control leads and are ready to race enabling quick motor changes.

Flying Lead Spiders are equipped with 100mm power and control leads, and have 200mm motor leads to ensure enough reach to your power plant. They're assembled to be the ultimate low-profile turbo

Standard Features
All Spiders include the following features:

0.7mm commercially prepared solder masked PCB
Top-Grade IRF MOSFETS (Not samples or seconds)
PN Racing 22AWG Silicon Jacketed Power wiring (100mm on input, 200mm on output of Flying Lead model)
Flexible and reliable data-grade rainbow control wiring (100mm)
Fully heatshrinked PCB for safety
Lightweight and lowest possible profile of all External turbos
Flat mounting surface
Heatsink compatible (Heatsink available as an Option)

Shipping Right Now
Spider v2.0 is fully compatible with the wiring layouts of the previous Spider, however a new Installation guide will be available soon. This will cover the installation into all platforms including the Xmods EVO.

How much does it cost

Spider v2.0 Terminal Block: AUD38.00 through http://shop.ausmicro.net/product_info.php?products_id=376
Spider v2.0 Flying Lead: AUD38.00 through http://shop.ausmicro.net/product_info.php?products_id=377
Ebay Pricing: USD30.00 + USD5.00 Postage

Manual for Installation at:

Store pricing has risen slightly due to the fall in Exchange rates increasing our materials costs.

2006.04.26, 04:45 AM
I have this product for a long time and it is the best product i ever bought.

2006.04.26, 04:47 AM
I have this product for a long time and it is the best product i ever bought.

you can find here some pics installed on my awd :D

2006.04.26, 01:50 PM
I was just about to do a 2x2 stack of MOSFETs. Which is better, the stacked FET or the Spider?


2006.04.26, 02:28 PM
get the spider it'll be up to par with a 2x8 stack and it's pretty small. Things get tight under the maclaren body with a disk damper and a core transponder but it's still good.

I've been running a nelly deluxe for a year now on all tyoes of motors without any issues. Plus it was a simple install. Much eaiser than a fet stack.