View Full Version : Firelap & Iwaver...what is different?

The Black Kat
2006.03.24, 11:25 PM

I'm having trouble figuring out what the difference between a Firelap and an IWaver 2.0 is. I hear that they are both clones of the Mini Z MR02 chassis. Can somebody post some pics of the chassis (I haven't been able to really find any) And, can anybody post a link to where I can buy just the Iwaver 2.0/Firelap chassis kit (no radio/body)


2006.03.25, 01:37 AM
Well Firelap and Iwaver to my knowledge are a joint company. And the IW-02 and the Firelap 2.0's are not exactly like the MR-02. The battery placement and the rear end are similer, but each car is its own. If anyone has anything else to add, that would be great. Cause this is what i know, and im sure there is more.

2006.03.25, 01:56 AM
Firelap is Iwaver, the Firelap is the MR02 clone while the Iwaver is new design, but still fairly similiar.

2006.03.26, 09:43 PM
On the Iwaver it depends on if it is the older design 02 (now the Firelap 2.0) or the new design (which will be replaced with an FM style shortly, will be the IW02F).

Firelap 2.0 (and older IW02's) are an almost identical clone of the MR-02. All parts are interchangeable. I have a few older IW02's and have had no problems with mine. I do not have a Firelap 2.0 but have read the quality on them have been substandard.

The new IW02 has a totally different chassis. Other than wheels, tires, driveshaft and bodies, not much is interchangeable with the MR-02. It has a seperate steering servo that has not received good reviews here on the board. I guess that is why the car is being replaced having been on the marked for less than a calendar year.

2006.03.26, 10:29 PM
I would just go with the Firelap 2.0, cause from what ive heard its exactly like the MR-02 with a few little things

The Black Kat
2006.03.27, 12:31 AM
Thanks for your help guys. I went the safe route and got an MR01 off a friend who I race 1:10th with.