View Full Version : Which Motor

2006.03.27, 03:42 AM
Im deciding on a new motor to replace in my Nelly powered MZM.
What do you guys think I should get and why ?
Your opinions are appreciated !

2006.03.29, 11:34 PM
I would like to see how an S04 armature works in an Atomic BB can. The S04 has alot of top speed (or at least the old one) and not much low end torque. If you are using high voltage, with a Nelly... You should have alot of power and the most top speed you can get.

The Atomic can would be the best can to use, since it will keep the endbell as cool as possible. I have been wanting to test out the Atomic Silver brushes, but havent worn out the brushes in my Atomic Cans yet... You dont have to open an Atomic Can to change the brushes, which is another plus for the can.