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2006.03.27, 09:35 AM
Hello everyone.

I have just recently puchased the Kyosho Mini-Z McLaren F1 GTR Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing MR-02 MM ReadySet #17473 from the TinyRC Shop, and I love the details of the car.

I also upgrade the motor to the 3Racing Mini-Z Speed Motor #17396 and installed Mini-ZRacer.com Mini-Z Racing Dry Bearing Set - 7PCS #16570.

I am running the IB750 cells too.

Other than this items..it is bone stock. I was running it for the first time this weekend....and It was on a clean tennis court. These little cars are very sensitive to steering....but....I noticed that when the car would be running at middle to full throttle, when I made the slighest turn...the car would spin out? Very Strange. Even at low speeds..when I would turn..the car would spin out...

Any tips? What do i need to add to make it more stable???

Thank you


2006.03.27, 09:58 AM
Try softer rear tires.

2006.03.27, 10:16 AM
the tire that come on the RTR's and the Autoscales are way to hard. Try the GPM 8's in the rear and 10's or 15's in the front.

2006.03.27, 10:49 AM
Thanks....nice gallery of Mini-z's you have!! :)

2006.03.27, 11:06 AM
Thanks....nice gallery of Mini-z's you have!! :)

thanks, We have pictures of all our members cars on there.