View Full Version : The Flying F50 !

2006.03.29, 01:34 PM
It's up...... it's good !!!


Possible HFAY event ? :rolleyes:

Got a few more vids to post soon...
Sorry for my crappy Kodak camera ! :D

2006.03.29, 02:45 PM
Nice jump. I'm guessing the mirrors are not on the F50 anymore :p, Nice racing in HFAY BTW.

MINIz guy11
2006.03.29, 03:21 PM
nice jump! i jump my MZM and OL but not my 02

2006.03.29, 04:08 PM
Thanks... mirrors are long gone... wheels are shot too... and the H-plate as well. Rear wheels seemed to take the brunt of impact on the missed attempts.
(amazing it survived direct hardwood floor landings at all !)
Switched the wheels, car is still going strong !
Love my loaners !