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2006.04.01, 03:50 PM
This is where we race. We all have different set-up on the car just so it'll have more grip on the track. A little gas makes the car spin out so easy. W/ this type of track we were able to better our skill on how to have more throttle control w/ the big 10 scale rc.

I own the Ford Gt. It has a rear AAA battery taped down in the back of the body to add some weight on the rear to lessen the rear from spinning out when turning.

I have 20 deg tire in the front, stock toe, rear tires from stock 01F Ferarri 512BB which is very hard compound but is treaded and gives out alot of grip on this surface.

I'll post up the pic of the track on Monday. We only use dots and we just go around it but its pretty sick how we have the lay out.

2006.04.01, 11:42 PM
Here's a pick of me and my Friends where we race...

I saw your pic and could not resist. This is a shot of the line up where guys are registering for the A Main.

I'm the yellow Lambo.

Looks like you guys have the cars, and the room... You should consider investing in some RCP track. You can find it here at the on line shop.

It will change your pass time into a full time sport.

See ya

2006.04.02, 02:34 PM
I love the best side pic. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ.!! :D

2006.04.03, 11:51 AM
yea, that's speedy Melendrez's work.

One of our honorary members is a youth pastor at our church. He's a wiz with graphic design as he does all the flyers and posters for the kids ministry.

We're a Christ based RC club. if you are ever in L.A. county come look us up.

Check out the logo the kids wear on the back of thier shirts...


"Show them our mato!..."

2006.04.03, 12:26 PM
That is awesome man. Just hearing that you guys are Christian R/C club makes me really want to go over there and race with you guys. Gotta use all the tools that God gave to spread the truth you know, even if it is a R/C forum. ;)

I will let you know if i'm in the area, and we can fellowship sometime. Enjoy your blessings cause I'm enjoying mine. :D