View Full Version : IW01 pro pcb ok with 35T with 30awg?

2006.04.04, 05:18 PM
I got my car back up and running on li-ions with the IW01 pro board. I'm really scared of going with the Iwaver xspeed or xspeed pro as those are some incredibly hot running motors. My car was just down for a month already and I don't wanna take a chance.

Anyways, I'm planning on running this hand wound arm I bought from minizworkshop with carbon brush and neo mags. Has anyone run this setup or something similar with out any problems? Thanks in advance :)

2006.04.05, 06:33 AM
I run Iwaver Pro motor on that board, have 2 cars and 2 of those motor, if your are sure it is a pro board don't be scare to run it.

2006.04.06, 01:55 AM
thanks alot. I got brave enough to try it with at first a 7T pinion, and now an 11T. I added neo mags and some comm drops to help reduce the current draw.

Everything looks good so far. I guess the next thing I will try is running this with a ball bearing can and endbell.