View Full Version : Drift video from HK.

2006.04.04, 09:08 PM
I was at this race last month, but not the drifting


MINIz guy11
2006.04.07, 09:52 PM
woah, that was a weird video. it seems like it was in fast foward and no sound

2006.04.07, 09:57 PM
cool vid...what is the dump truck doing on the track...hahaha

Dutch Mini Racer
2006.04.09, 03:10 AM
nice drifting going on there.. donno about that fast forward thing you're talking about though.. seems normal speed to me.. maybe play the vid in normal mode next time? ;)

2006.04.11, 04:15 AM
nice drift video.. are they AWD mini-z's?

YourSinsInto Me
2006.06.26, 12:14 AM
Need awd z now, and some drift tires haha. Do they drift that well on the rcp tracks as well, or just that good on the ozite?

2006.07.25, 10:42 AM
Thats so cool. great vid :cool:

2006.08.01, 03:48 PM
What mods do do those? That makes me want an AWD Z even more!