View Full Version : Core speeway questions

2006.04.05, 03:33 AM
Ok, first off, this thing is way cool. And if this stuff has been answered before, please just point me to the thread.

First off, I clicked on the "Print" link and was informed "Not working yet". Bummer. I've never ran in a big race, but apparently you get a printout after each heat. So.. work around... I plan on printing the web page. Is this what y'all do?

Second, I had a major collision in one heat. It took one car more then 4 seconds (my min lap time) to get across the finish line for the first time. So the system counted that as his first lap. I deleted the lap, but Ranking is still wrong. The individual heat looks correct, but when you click on the event and right click, and then click on "view results" the data is still wrong. I did some testing and had the same issue with splitting and then deleting laps. Is there a work around for this? Maby I can reset a data file?

OK, last thing. I want to run a points series. Just like HFAY, but just for our club. I figure it will run 4 weeks long. It looks like I can just create an event, and then add a category (using the date?) and then I should be able to check the current points in "Total_points.html". I found this file in the data directory in a sub directory named after the event. But I can't figure out how to get to this file from the core menus. Can I rely on this data?